Metso Mining Solutions Mining crushing stations
Mining crushing stations.

Mining crushing stations

Combining legacy and expertise

Crushing and screening plants in mining have their challenges. Metso understands the industry challenges and has developed our Mining Crushing Stations which features unique, cost efficient, modular and productive stations.

Industry experience

100+ complete mining crushing and screening plants delivered

Time saving

Design information, global supply chain and modular


Wide portfolio, customized to local regulations

Ease of maintenance

Mining duty and single-supplier

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Mining Crushing Stations

Metso is introducing two unique, cost efficient and modular mining crushing stations: FIT™ stations and Foresight™ stations.

FIT™ stations are focused on speed and flexibility for quick installation. Meanwhile the Foresight™ stations focus on smart controls and autonomous features for optimal production. Both provide unique benefits and can be applied to a wide range of applications.

Mining Crushing Stations - Legacy and expertise

Metso has extensive experience in crushing and screening plants in the mining industry. In fact, we have delivered over 100 complete crushing and screening plants to a wide range of applications.

As we will continue to provide the capability to deliver completely customizable crushing and screening plants, we understand the industry is in need of a change as well. The need to overcome challenges such as time and resource utilization for feasibility, engineering and construction resulting in higher CAPEX. 

This is why we have developed the Mining Crushing Stations where we are combining our legacy and expertise to bring unique, cost-efficient and modular solutions to the mining industry.

Bulk ore sorting solutions
Metso combines our industry leading crushing solutions and expertise with bulk ore sorting technology to increase the volume of mineable tons, which increases resource availability, productivity and energy efficiency for the mining operation.
FIT™ stations

FIT™ stations are focused primarily on speed and flexibility to provide a quick installation. The steel structures are supplied in modules that fit easily into containers for transportation. Overall, container delivery time is reduced by up to 25% and erection time is reduced by up to 15% compared to similar crushing and screening plants.

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FIT™ stations features two solutions: Jaw stations and recrushing stations
Foresight™ stations focus on smart controls and autonomous features for optimal production. Featuring our MP cone station.
Foresight™ stations

Foresight™ stations help provide optimal production levels to mining operations. Using Metso proven smart controls and equipment in combination, this allows the fully connected plant to always be monitoring station conditions to ensure that no time or resources are wasted.

Our Foresight™ offering includes an MP Series™ cone crusher station and a semi-mobile primary gyratory (SMPG) station.

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