Metso Full portfolio Bulk ore sorting solutions

Bulk ore sorting solutions

Increasing productivity and energy efficiency

Metso combines our industry leading crushing solutions and expertise with bulk ore sorting technology to increase the volume of mineable tons, which increases resource availability, productivity and energy efficiency for the mining operation.
Experience, expertise and equipment

Industry leading equipment and unmatched experience and expertise

Energy efficiency

Reduction of energy required since waste is being removed early in the process

High productivity

Robust and proven equipment leading to high throughputs for mineable ore

Cost and resource efficient

Low OPEX costs due to the removal of waste early in the process

Rejecting waste, increasing productivity and energy efficiency

Metso will help you rise up to the challenges of the mining industry, including declining ore grades, high energy and production costs, water shortages, and stricter environmental regulations.

Metso has the expertise, capabilities and equipment portfolio to design, supply, and build state-of-the-art bulk ore sorting plants to meet the needs of most mining projects, with a fast and reliable ramp-up. Our global presence means that we can provide support to you worldwide during your plant's entire lifecycle.

High productivity and energy efficiency

Metso industry leading crushing, screening, conveying and feeding equipment are known for efficient processing while delivering sustainability benefits. Now, rejecting waste early in the process reduces the amount of energy required from the equipment. So the focus can be on the mineable ore tons, improving the energy efficiency.

With rejection of the waste material, this also increases productivity because the equipment is processing the mineable ore tons and not waste material.

Cost and resource efficiency

Through preconcentration there will be a reduction in operational costs from energy consumption, but also in haulage required for the material. 

Unlocking resources is also key. With reducing waste material being processed, the equipment becomes more available instead of processing the lower grade materials. 

Bulk ore sorting improves profitability and sustainability
Pre-concentration is more than an industry buzzword. Removing barren material early enough can bring significant savings, especially in today’s low-grade mining operations. It also reduces the environmental footprint of the mine due to lower energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and water losses per ton of product.
Customizable solutions

Metso offers customizable ore sorting solutions that will fit the need of your operation, while exceeding productivity goals. Our industry leading crushing, screening and material handling equipment is available, but we also are able to supply other auxillary equipment based on the application.

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Customizable solutions
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Testing and studies
Testing and studies

Metso offers various testing and study services in addition to our equipment portfolio. This would include ore and process characterization, performance tests and economical studies.

Combined with our expertise and experience in the entire flowsheet development, our testing capabilities ensure that we will deliver the optimal plant for your operation.

Metso also offers a comprehensive range of other services to assist with installation, maintenance and more!


Particle ore sorting
Metso sensor-based ore sorting, powered by TOMRA technology, will help you rise up to the challenges of the mining industry, including declining ore grades, high energy and production costs, water shortages, and stricter environmental regulations.
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