Metso Full portfolio Ausmelt® Lance Handling System
Quickly change and accurately position an Ausmelt Lance with Metso Ausmelt Lance Handling System, which is critical for the optimal performance of the Metso Ausmelt TSL process.


  • Facilitates high reaction rates and furnace productivity via lance restraint and accurate positioning within the bath to ensure optimal bath agitation and mixing    
  • Enables simple and rapid lance replacement in the event of lance tip wear via the use of quick-connect couplings

Our Ausmelt lance handling system comprises a number of items. The lance trolley provides support and restraint to the in-service Ausmelt Lance. Fixed pipes included in the trolley design provide a connection point between the lance and flexible catenary hoses. A hoist or drive system enables vertical movement of the trolley and lance. Trolley guide rails are used to guide the vertical movement of the lance trolley and lance into or out of the Ausmelt Furnace. The flexible catenary hoses are used to deliver fuel, air, and oxygen to the lance via the lance valve train. The handling system also features a lance park bay for spare lance storage and maintenance.

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