Metso Full portfolio Ausmelt® Standby Burner
Maintain the temperature of an Ausmelt TSL Furnace when the lance is not in operation with the Metso Ausmelt Standby Burner. The burner can be used to dry out and pre-heat a new furnace refractory lining and reheat an existing furnace refractory lining following a shutdown.


  • Gives you a safe and reliable solution for furnace temperature control when the Ausmelt Lance is not in use or for heating new or used refractory linings
  • Provides accurate and automated control with the Metso PROSCON® automation system

The Metso Ausmelt Standby Burner is used for controlling the temperature of the Ausmelt TSL Furnace. The burner consists of a burner head, through which fuel (natural gas, LPG, or LFO) and combustion air are delivered in the furnace freeboard (above-bath) region.

The burner is typically positioned using a simple lifting frame and hoist system, enabling the burner to be lowered into and raised out of the furnace as required. The standby burner also provides for automated flame detection and ignition, ensuring compliance with international safety standards.

Fuel and air flows to the burner are regulated by the burner valve train controlled by the Metso PROSCON® automation system, allowing heat input to the Ausmelt TSL Furnace to be regulated as required.

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