Metso Full portfolio Ausmelt® TSL Furnace Weir
Provide a continuous flow of molten material from the Metso Ausmelt TSL Furnace without the need for batch tapping operations with the Ausmelt TSL Furnace Weir.

Ausmelt TSL Furnace Weir

Burner ports are incorporated within the weir hood and the design also utilizes Metso cooling elements to enhance cooling around the connection point with the furnace and facilitate draining of the weir contents. Since they were first introduced in 1991, more than 35 Ausmelt furnaces have utilized these weir arrangements. The technology contributes to the successful operation of numerous copper, lead, and zinc residue-smelting applications.

  • Increases furnace availability    
  • Improves furnace operational stability due to constant bath depth and continuous operation    
  • Decreases CAPEX (no mud-gun) and OPEX (less consumables)    
  • Enables easier and safer operations    
  • Improves temperature control as a result of online bath temperature measurement by the weir pyrometer
Ausmelt TSL Furnace Weir.

The Ausmelt TSL Furnace Weir operates by directing molten material from the furnace to the weir and subsequently to downstream operations via the weir spout. The weir consists of refractory lined steelwork, with access/inspection area, off-gas and burner ports incorporated within the weir hood.

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