Metso Full portfolio Cascade Scrubber
The Metso Cascade Scrubber is a reliable wet-type separator which captures dust and some impurities from process gases.

Minimize operational costs, reduce emissions, and lower water and energy consumption. The Metso Cascade Scrubber is typically used for gas cleaning in pelletizing and sintering plants to help reduce the impact dust accumulation can have on plant processes and air quality.

  • Reduces emissions into the surrounding atmosphere    
  • Offers reliable operation and is not sensitive to variations in gas flow    
  • Minimizes maintenance costs and requirements    
  • Lowers water and energy consumption
  • Reduces production losses by enabling recovery of valuable materials
Cascade Scrubber

The Metso Cascade Scrubber is a wet-type separator that provides efficient collection of solids from off-gases. Solid particles are separated from the gas stream and deposited on a collecting surface then removed for recovery or disposal. Efficient dust collection minimizes dust emissions into the surrounding atmosphere and ensures a cleaner and safer working environment. Simultaneously, the ability to recover valuable materials from off-gases helps to reduce production losses.

Combining high productivity with outstanding separation efficiency, the Metso Cascade Scrubber is fully customizable to match the needs of your individual application. The technology is designed for cost-efficient operation, with low water and energy consumption. Typical applications include pelletizing plants and hydrometallurgical processes.

  • Capacity: 1,500–150,000 Nm³/h
  • Gas temperature: up to 300°C
  • Gas inlet pressure: (-) 3–5 kPa
  • Water supply: clean plant water
  • Water flow: 5–40 m³/h
  • Optimal particle size: >5 microns
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