Metso Full portfolio Casting Information Management System
Metso's Outotec Casting Information Management System (CIMS) is a dedicated process information management system designed for anode casting processes. Collect and analyze production data so you can focus on the relevant issues and effectively deal with production bottlenecks.
Casting Information Management System

Metso's Outotec Casting Information Management System gives you key performance indicators such as production statistics, operational efficiency, and quality indicators    

  • Allows plant personnel to perform their daily reporting and process analysis duties with minimal effort, providing more time for active supervision of the process    
  • Reveals a wealth of valuable process information which was previously either too difficult or impossible to obtain
  • Stores process data efficiently, enabling reporting of long-term production statistics or historical data analysis within a couple of seconds
  • Uses a web-based reporting user interface, enabling data export to common office applications

With Metso's Outotec CIMS, plant operations achieve a new level of awareness from day one. Valuable process information is stored in a failure-tolerant system including redundant data collection. The system provides an excellent integration layer between plant floor level and upper level business control systems as information is consolidated into a single database. Metso's Outotec CIMS has a modular architecture, which guarantees that project-specific requirements can be fulfilled while ensuring upgradeability of the system throughout the plant lifetime. When applicable, Metso's Outotec CIMS can be integrated with other plant information systems and, with some restrictions, third-party equipment.

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