Metso Full portfolio Catalyst Services
Ensure peak converter performance in your sulfuric acid plant with regular catalyst maintenance services from our highly skilled professionals.

Our experienced specialists use our state-of-the-art catalyst handling equipment for catalyst screening and loading to enable safe, efficient, and effective catalyst maintenance.

  • Increases worker safety
  • Offers rapid screening and loading times
  • Results in gentle handling of the catalyst
  • Reduces loading dust, ensuring reduced pressure drops and longer converter campaigns
Catalyst Services

Our highly skilled and experienced workers use proprietary equipment, including our innovative pneumatic loading machines, to offer safe, efficient, and precise execution. Our unique dual hose system for catalyst handling ensures minimal breakage and loss, as well as minimal dust in the converter vessel upon loading.

  • Metso Bearkat screening and loading systems for faster execution of catalyst regeneration operation
  • Over 20 years of successful services at sulfuric acid plants around the world.
  • Part of Metso’s comprehensive portfolio of services for sulfuric acid plants

We service sulfuric acid plants in metallurgical complexes, spent acid regeneration plants, and sulfur-burning plants for the fertilizer industry. Our services cover catalyst screening to remove spent or otherwise damaged catalysts, inspection and repair of the converter interior, and loading of new or recycled catalysts.

Our experts plan each catalyst service project to ensure that it is properly integrated into your overall plant turnaround and conducted with the highest speed and efficiency. We arrive at site well enough in advance to set up and ensure we get going once the shutdown begins. We take extreme care to work safely around all other contractors.

We collect data and issue reports during and upon completion of catalyst services so that you have comprehensive information about the before and after condition of your plant and how best to operate it going forward. Our full portfolio of maintenance services and capabilities in shutdown management and execution ensure you get a comprehensive solution from one trusted supplier.


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