Metso Full portfolio CC scraper upgrade
Reduce maintenance shutdown times and increase availability with the Metso CC scraper upgrade.

Upgrades that improve performance to help you reach your sustainability targets

Increased availability


Fast and easy scraper adjustments

Increased capacity


Optimized heel cake thickness

Simplified & quicker maintenance


New scraper table and arms make maintenance faster

CC scraper upgrade

The upgrade includes a new design scraper table and scraper arms that make adjustments faster and easier as there are fewer counter bolts. The new scrapers are standard in Metso Larox® CC-144 filters and are also available for other CC filter models as an upgrade.

  • Increases availability due to faster maintenance shutdown
  • Enables fast and easy scraper adjustment
  • Increases capacity due to better scraper adjustment and optimized heel cake thickness
cc scraper upgrade

  • New design scraper table and scraper arms for Metso Larox ® CC-6 to CC-60 filters
  • Only one counter bolt per side for scraper arm adjustment
  • Scraper table and all scraper arms replaced by new design
  • Optional splashguard increases operational safety and prevents cakes dropping back into the slurry basin

  • Scraper table
  • Special tool for adjustment
  • Scraper arms
  • Engineering service
  • Optional splashguard
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