Metso Full portfolio Central Jet Distributor Maintenance Service
Central Jet Distributor Maintenance Service

Central Jet Distributor Maintenance Service

Ensure that your concentrate burner performs as it should, with the support of our central jet distributor (CJD) maintenance service. Our service professionals have extensive experience in working with CJDs to help you achieve efficient and stable production.
Improve safety
Gain accurate equipment condition information
Increase plant uptime
  • Minimizes plant downtime caused by unexpected failures
  • Provides accurate information on equipment’s current condition and upcoming service needs
  • Increases safety
Central Jet Distributor Maintenance Service
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Maintenance of the CJD, which is part of the concentrate burner, is carried out at our workshop. It involves comprehensive maintenance procedures including also condition inspection of parts and the changing of spare parts within the agreed scope.

The final maintenance service report offers recommendations for repair and spare parts needs in the coming months. If there are larger components or assemblies that need to be refurbished, a refurbishment service can be added to the maintenance service. The service can also include a Metso specialist to supervise the installation of the CJD or to carry out a situation analysis at your site.

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