Metso Full portfolio Dual Fuel Burner
Ensure the best cost and energy efficiency while complying with all environmental and safety standards for dual fuel burners. Fuel for induration furnaces represents a significant share of total operating costs – our upgrade allows you to use cheaper fuel sources like coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, or coal tar while maintaining stringent emission limits for SOx, NOx, and dust.
  • Maximizes energy efficiency by utilizing Metso’s process expertise
  • Complies with the highest safety and environmental standards
  • Enables easy retrofit of existing pellet plants
  • Gives short ROI due to fuel cost savings
dual fuel burner

The dual-fuel burner concept allows the utilization of cheap fuel sources like BF, CO, mixed gas, HFO, or even coal tar – combined with a secondary fuel, which is more costly but has a permanent and reliable supply like diesel, NG, or LPG.

Our full and tailor-made solution covers equipment selection, engineering, delivery, installation, and integration in existing plant systems.

The scope includes:

  • Development of a burner concept in connection with process optimization
  • Piping detail engineering to improve the process
  • Detail arrangement layout planning of racks and HAZOP/SIL assessment
  • Risk assessment according to the European machinery directive
  • Hazardous area zoning (ex-proof-zones)
  • Procurement, expediting, and delivery
  • Installation and commissioning services and ramp-up support
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