Metso Full portfolio Electrochemical Water Treatment
Electrochemical Water Treatment

Electrochemical Water Treatment

Achieve improved water treatment with less residual impurities. The Electrochemical Water Treatment (EWT) process brings together our deep understanding of water treatment, process design, electrolysis, and hydrometallurgy in a highly-automated, easy-to-use solution. The system can process a diverse range of impurities using only electricity and a combination of electrode materials. Its modular design makes it both easy to transport and easily scalable.
Electrochemical Water Treatment
  • Provides fast, efficient water treatment with less residual impurities compared to conventional processes    
  • Supports easy relocation and expansion through a modular design    
  • Minimizes manual requirements with a highly automated process    
  • Enables remote operation and monitoring    
  • Eliminates the need to procure or handle chemicals
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The modular design of Metso Electrochemical Water Treatment makes it easy to install, dismantle, and relocate. The system has been developed based on our understanding of typical customer challenges with conventional precipitation treatment. While it features standardized, prefabricated components that support plug-and-play operation, each solution is customized according to the individual water treatment requirements of your site.

The system is designed to be easy to operate, with a high level of automation. This makes it possible for personnel who are not experts in water treatment to run the process. Remote operation is also possible – a significant advantage for sites that are difficult to access.

Complementary products:

  • Metso OKTOP® reactors for pre-treatment, additional chemical precipitation, or post-treatment    
  • Complete dosing systems for coagulation and flocculation    
  • Clarifiers and thickeners    
  • Dissolved air flotation    
  • Pressure and vacuum-belt filters    
  • Liquid and polishing filters    
  • Screens, filters, microfiltration, membranes    
  • Sand filters


Electrochemical Water Treatment

The modular concept can be scaled to suit various kinds of operations, from a single unit that can be added to later, to a complete plant solutions for larger volumes. Metso EWT can adapt to changes in the size, scope, and even the location of your water treatment requirements, for the lifetime of your operations.

Metso Electrochemical Water Treatment can be used for the following:

  • Removal of arsenic, selenium, antimony, and other oxyanions    
  • Removal of metals such as copper, nickel, and zinc
  • Oxidation and removal of inorganic and organic compounds

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