Metso Full portfolio Electrode Management System
Metso's Outotec electrode management system (EMS) helps operators and managers to optimize the electrode position.

Increase furnace stability and production while decreasing electrode consumption. The program calculates optimal set points and gives a maximum safe slipping amount for electrodes.

  • Optimizes electrode position    
  • Improves furnace control    
  • Improves furnace production    
  • Decreases electrode consumption    
  • Enables safe and economical operation
Electrode Management System

Metso's Outotec Electode Management System module estimates and optimizes electrode slipping. The EMS is an expert system that helps operators make electrode slipping decisions by using the information from the furnace control system.

The process data is continuously gathered from the automation system and the estimation interval, and parameters used in the estimation, can be customized for each furnace operation. The system proposes slipping for each of the three electrodes and it gives the maximum safe slipping amount based on the used current for each electrode.

We offer the electrode management system for furnaces operating in a submerged arc furnace operation mode, for both stationary and moving electrodes. The program is modular so it can be easily installed and commissioned to different furnaces.

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