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wobbler feeders

Wobbler feeders

Feeds and separates in one operation

Used before primary crushers, wobbler feeders excel where others fail – in situations too wet and sticky for other feeders and scalpers. This is made possible by their self-cleaning and non-clogging elliptical bars, which allow material to be fed and separated without blinding.

High productivity

Able to feed and separate in one operation.

Versatile applications

Mineral processing, bulk loading and unloading terminals. In-pit and underground.

Low maintenance needs

Self-cleaning and designed to resist clogging and reduce blinding.

Safe to operate

No dust, vibration or loud noises generated.

Wobbler feeders for combined feeding and separating in any wet and sticky operation

High productivity

Able to feed and separate in one operation, wobbler feeders can actually double material production.  The durable wobbler construction is designed to work at top efficiency under heaped loads.

The secret behind the wobbler feeder’s ability to handle wet, sticky or dry oversize material is in the original “Wobbler Feeder Principle”. The positive action of the rotating elliptical bars causes material to tumble forward assuring separation of fines and a uniform feed rate. This helps to greatly increase the capacity of the crusher or impactor being fed since material is delivered free of dirt and clay.

Versatile applications

For increased operational flexibility in your mining operations, wobbler feeders can be used for mineral processing, bulk loading and unloading terminals, as well as for in-pit and underground operations.

They operate with low horsepower and headroom requirements, and without vibration, noise or transmitted stresses, making them ideal for both stationary and portable applications. Depending on the application, they can be fed by an apron feeder or directly via trucks or loaders. They can also be used in secondary applications to separate already crushed feed material.

Low maintenance needs

Wobbler feeders are self-cleaning and designed to resist clogging and reduce blinding. They also feature an automatic lubrication system and a jog reverse function to quickly and easily solve any jamming situation.

Safe to operate

They operate without generating dust, vibration or loud noises for increased operator safety. Features such as the automatic lubrication system enable the feeders to work seamlessly for longer, reducing the need for operator intervention.

Materials handled
Materials handled

Bauxite, clay, coral limestone, diorite copper ore, dolerite, friable clay, gold ore, granite, gypsum.

Ilmenite, interstitial clay, iron ore, kaolin, laterite ore, limestone, marble, marl, medium hard copper.

Nickel ore, pea and rice rock, quarried basalt, sandstone, selma chalk, silica, slag, soft shale, titanium chips, and wet clay type shale.

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