Metso Full portfolio Filter cloths
Based on decades of experience, Metso offers customers unsurpassed filter cloth quality, improved availability, and optimized process results for overpressure and vacuum filters; Larox® PF, Larox® RT, Larox® FFP, Metso LSF filters, RB filters, VPA filters, FP filters, and Tube Press filters.

Parts that perform better and last longer to help you reach your sustainability targets

OEM quality


Our OEM filter cloths are perfectly engineered according to strict standards for guaranteed reliability 

Increased throughput


Optimized throughput and filtrate clarity



Resistant to abrasions, shrinkage and stretching

Extended life


Cloths last longer and increase filter availability

  • Perfectly engineered to fit Metso & Larox filters
  • Optimized throughput and filtrate clarity
  • Excellent cake release and resistance to blinding
  • Stretch, shrink, and higher abrasion resistance
  • Extended life and higher availability of filter
Filter cloths

The filter media is an essential part of the filtration process. Metso filter cloths are tailored to perform with Metso filters. By selecting our filter cloths as their filter media, customers can ensure optimized performance and process results for each application and filter.

Metso offers a comprehensive service network with committed customer support. Choosing these filter cloths will secure access to Metso’s product expertise, as well as process support.

Engineered high-performance bespoke products

Metso engineers high-performance bespoke filter cloths. These filter cloths fit perfectly with Metso filters. With over 30 years of in house experience with continuous product development and know-how, our engineers have created OEM filter cloths that suit individual customer needs.

Optimized product range, Metso offers optimized filter cloths for each process and media, not forgetting Outotec’s special filter cloth range for distinguishing customer needs. The high quality of the filter cloths ensures a longer lifetime and reliability. By using Metso filter cloths customers gain uptime and save on corrective maintenance costs.

OEM Spares

The way to highest production performance Metso Filter Cloth is an original OEM spare part.  A quick and reliable supply of guaranteed quality spare parts is crucial to maintenance success. Metso, as the Original Equipment Manufacturer, supplies certified spare parts to all of our equipment. Metso process equipment maintained with the OEM spare parts ensures high efficiency of processes.

Our customers receive original OEM spare parts with the same high quality as the original equipment, perfectly engineered to meet each customer’s needs with every delivery. With constant investments in R&D and continuous quality control in the spare part manufacturing process, we can guarantee the best available spare parts for Metso equipment.

Unparalleled expertise

Metso provides its customers with a comprehensive combination of process expertise, equipment expertise, and service. We deliver complete solutions that exceed customer expectations in terms of product quality, safety, value, and consistency.

  • Unparalleled service expertise and experience
  • Certified Best Available Technologies
  • Improved equipment and environmental efficiency, reliability, and safety
  • Optimized operating costs
  • Filter performance can be further enhanced through process optimization, modernization, and upgrades.
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