Metso Full portfolio Flash Converting Process
Ensure high energy efficiency with the Metso's Outotec process for Flash Converting.

Our process can operate autogenously without using additional fossil fuels, even with high matte grades. Optionally the flash converter slag can be recirculated to the smelting furnace for heat balance purposes, removing the need for additional slag treatment units.

  • Gives you a reliable and proven process and equipment    
  • Offers low investment and operating costs    
  • Ensures high sulfur recovery with only one continuous high-strength SO₂ stream to the acid plant    
  • Meets the strictest environmental requirements    
  • Improves in-plant hygiene and decreases emissions    
  • Gives the highest recovery of copper and other valuable metals    
  • Ensures long campaign life
Flash Converting Process

In Metso's Outotec process for Flash Converting, the dry matte from smelting is processed under highly oxidizing conditions so that the sulfide matte converts to blister copper and is ready for immediate fire refining.

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