Metso Full portfolio Flash Furnace

When it comes to furnace integrity and campaign life, Metso's Outotec Flash Furnace is the benchmark.

  • Maximizes campaign time and furnace integrity    
  • Gives you optimal process performance with fully integrated design, structure, and equipment    
  • Enables easy off-gas dust handling    
  • Lowers fugitive emissions with a fully capsulated vessel
Flash Furnace

Metso' Outotec Flash Furnace is a large stationary vessel where sulfuric copper or nickel concentrates are smelted to molten matte or blister copper and slag. The furnace is often water cooled through copper cooling elements tailored for the application and lined with refractories for maximized campaign times.

Since flash converting and direct-to-blister furnaces convert the feed material into blister copper by using a highly oxidative smelting reaction, the flash furnace includes bottom air cooling and comprehensive cooling elements to accommodate an intensive smelting process with higher heat loads.

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