Metso Full portfolio FlashGuard
Metso's Outotec FlashGuard is a quick and responsive burner monitoring solution that enables good control and increased on-line availability.

Our solution enables optimal burner alignment. This, in general, reduces metal losses to slag, decreases weak acid production and improves the furnace wall heat load.

  • Improves recovery
  • Decreases energy consumption
  • Enables longer campaign times
  • Reduces burner alignment time from hours to minutes
  • Online view of burner build-up enables optimal timing of build-up removal
  • Improves operator safety since unnecessary visits to the burner are avoided
  • Direct line of sight to the concentrate burning

Metso's Outotec FlashGuard is a machine vision system used for providing build-up estimation and live monitoring of the concentrate burner to optimize productivity and minimize downstream disturbances. Metso's Outotec FlashGuard automatically measures the centricity of the concentrate burner. Moreover, it provides a live video stream from the air chamber to the control room. FlashGuard camera enclosures are kept clean from dust using pressurized air which also keeps the cameras cooled.

Operators are given instructions via web-browser-based user interface to maintain the optimal conditions. The instructions can be to clean build-ups or how to realign the burner if necessary.

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