Metso Full portfolio Maintenance planning and scheduling

Maintenance planning and scheduling

Plan and schedule your maintenance activities effectively in the operational phase of maintenance execution.

Improve efficiency


Predictable forecasts for minor planned shutdowns and spares requirements improve efficiency

Increase uptime


Avoid unexpected downtime with scheduled preventive actions

Improve production


Implementing a modern maintenance program supports your production requirements


We will help optimize your planning based on your specific site needs, using our proven processes to manage workflows, and plan material demand for maintenance activities. You also benefit from expert support from our on-site planners to ensure efficient implementation.

  • Avoids unexpected downtime with scheduled preventive actions
  • Supports your production requirements though the implementation of a modern maintenance program
  • Increases efficiency and predictability with forecasts for minor planned shutdowns and spares requirements


  • A comprehensive solution for your site’s maintenance management
  • Program is based on individual requirements
  • Helps to continuously improve your site's maintenance activities
  • Schedules are set to meet the process conditions and to achieve the most cost-efficient service interval
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