Metso Full portfolio MD low rider series

MD Low Rider Series

Reduced footprint. Easy replacements.

Combining proven technology with design agility, Metso delivers a compact pumping solution resulting in the easiest replacement of bad acting pumps for a sustainable, safer and profitable operations.
wet components

Utilizes proven MD hydraulics and wet end components

Reduced environmental footprint


Safer handing during changeouts


Enhanced profitability

md low rider
New product variant

To compliment the existing line of MD products, Metso MD Low Rider series has been developed with a smaller footprint frame so that they can be easily fitted into most of the existing mill discharge pump installations. The pumps are designed to use the existing hydraulic components (wetted components) with a newer and shorter drive end.


  • MDM400 & MDR400
  • MDM450 & MDR450


  • MDM500 & MDR500
  • MDM550 & MDR550


  • MDM650 & MDR650
  • MDM700 & MDR700
  • Utilizes proven MD hydraulics and wet end components
  • Capable of fitting into existing installations footprint
  • Reduced weight due to reduction in height and length of the drive end, allowing for complete pump changeouts
  • Safer handling of the whole pump during changeouts
  • Pump can be installed as a replacement or existing equipment upgrade at a fraction of the site modification cost and complexity


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