Metso Full portfolio MD Series mill discharge pumps
md series

MD Series mill discharge pumps

Industry’s robust technological solution built for sustained efficiency and uptime

Designed for efficient operation and longest wear life in grinding mill circuits to match the mill’s uptime. With excellent resistance to abrasion and erosion, the MD series mill discharge pumps are known for their durability in pumping highly abrasive slurries with the latest in wear reduction technology

Modular and compact design

Industry's cutting-edge design best suited for highly abrasive slurries in grinding mill circuits

Highest impeller aspect ratio in the industry

Sustained efficiency and performance. Lowest total cost of ownership

Industry leading wear life and uptime

Latest in wear technology using high-performance materials with excellent resistance to abrasion & erosion


Global expertise, local support

Pumping and minerals processing professionals in over 60 countries in the world.

For any mill discharge duty

Metso has been working with grinding mill circuits in a wide variety of mining applications for decades.

Metso MD Series horizontal mill discharge slurry pumps encompass all the experience coupled with an understanding of today’s market needs and demands for improved performance.

Specifically designed for mill circuit applications, the range consists of hard metal lined (MDM) slurry pumps and rubber lined (MDR) slurry pumps. 

  • Flow rates to 13 500 m³/h – 60 000 GPM

  • Heads up to 70 m - 230 ft

Typical applications

  • SAG/Ball mill discharge pumps

  • Tailings pumps

  • Hydrocyclone feed

Metso MD Series mill discharge pumps are also a part of the Planet Positive portfolio.

Sustained efficiency and uptime

An improved uptime and sustained efficiency across your product’s entire lifecycle is important to us.

Our extensive range of pumps cover flows of up to 13,500 m3/h. With inlet sizes ranging from 250 mm to 900 mm with either metal or rubber lining, we can ensure that you will always find the correct mill discharge pump for your process needs.

The hydraulic design of MD Series pumps is consistent across the entire range and reduced impeller overhang restricts shaft deflection across a wide range of flows.

Our experts are always ready to assist you in everything from pump selection to maintenance and services.

Experts looking at Metso MD slurry pump.
MDM350 slurry pump
Latest in wear technology

Metso MD series horizontal mill discharge slurry pumps are known for their durability. 

Our pumps offer latest in wear technology with usage of high-performance materials with excellent resistance to abrasion and erosion. Special emphasis has been placed on components that have to withstand exceptional wear from coarse heavy solids and flow turbulence.

An oversized robust steel shaft and extra thick casings and liners are just some of the heavy-duty components equipped with the MD series pumps.

Modular and compact design

The modular design ensures easy interchangeability of all metal and rubber parts. The back pull-out features an optional maintenance slide base for fast, easy and safe inspection.

Maintenance friendly construction together with the durability of critical parts result in long service intervals and short maintenance shutdowns.

Wide range of complimentary products

Extended portfolio of complimentary products includes slurry hoses, valves, pipes and innovative sealing solutions.

EnviroSet™ gland has been specifically developed to control the internal stuffing box environment and reduce water consumption.

Metso MD Series slurry pump is easy to operate and maintain.
md series
3D models for Metso slurry pumps

The most common Metso pumps and pump configurations have been made available in 3D for easy integration into your plant layout drawings.

Bareshaft pump models as well as pump assemblies with motor and drive are available to be downloaded in .stp file format.

See 3D materials here.


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