Metso Full portfolio PF Filter Diaphragms
Our new NR Diaphragms have been re-engineered to meet tighter quality standards. The new material composition and manufacturing methods make them more reliable. Diaphragms are suitable in the toughest applications ensuring consistent performance.

Parts that perform better and last longer to help you reach your sustainability targets

Longer lifetime


Manufactured according to strict quality controls, dimensions and materials

Increased reliability


Effective pressure transference to avoid leaks and unplanned shutdowns

Robust design


A range of materials available resistant to pH ranges and chemicals


Diverse applications


Various materials available to suit different applications

  • Manufactured with robust material
  • Diaphragm standardization 
  • Suitable for a variety of applications
  • Increased quality and extended lifetime
  • Decreased leakages
PF Filter Diaphragms

A filter’s diaphragm is responsible for moving water in slurry through the filter media by either compressed air or pressurized water.

The diaphragm is essential in transferring the pressure to the slurry for effective dewatering, where most water not adsorbed on the solid particle surface is drained from the plate chamber.

Diaphragms are made from polymers that operate under continuous strain and stress due to the stretching and contraction after every filtration cycle. Diaphragms, therefore, are consumable parts that require frequent replacement.

The replacement frequency depends on process-specific conditions and will vary between different customer applications.

Diaphragms need to follow strict quality controls in both dimensions and materials of construction, to ensure reliable and optimal lifetime that minimize unexpected diaphragm failures (such as leaks affecting cake moisture quality) and costly unplanned shutdowns for diaphragm replacements that impact production.


Larox Pf filter diaphragms are suitable for all mining and metals applications and Chemical Process Industries.

For special applications, a range of materials other than NR can be used to ensure robustness against other pH ranges and chemicals.

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