Metso Full portfolio PM Kaldo Furnace
Flexible solution for a wide range of processes and materials with the highest environmental performance and operational flexibility.

Kaldo Furnace technology

Metso's Outotec Kaldo Furnace technology is a flexible solution for smelting and converting various primary and secondary raw materials such as concentrates, copper scrap, e-waste and precious metals anode slimes. Metso's Outotec PM Kaldo Furnace, equipped with advanced charging and off-gas systems allowing a very compact plant layout and operational flexibility.

Instead of using separate vessels for smelting, reducing and converting, all these steps can be executed in a single vessel. The system is fully encapsulated by a furnace casing, thus facilitating ventilation of the whole section, including the ladle car below the furnace. Stray emissions are prevented and a good and safe working environment is provided. The heating and converting processes are performed by introducing a water-cooled burner and converting lances mounted in lance wagons with a hydraulic drive. The cooling system is equipped with a reliable security system for preventing water leakages. A Multi Purpose Utility Lance can also be added for flame monitoring, temperature control and refractory wear measurement.

Metso has continuously developed the Kaldo Furnace since the 1970s and has designed and delivered over 20 Kaldo Furnaces worldwide.

Main features
  • Very flexible TBRC technology for processing a variety of materials
  • Commonly used for treating copper anode slimes and other materials containing precious metals
  • Burner fuel type can be selected according to customer requirements
  • Operated in batches
  • Compact equipment
  • Batch furnace available in different sizes from 0.8 to 16 m3 working volume
  • Advanced hydraulic system provides smooth tilting and rotating functions
  • Charging and mixing system for accurate filling
  • Quick and easy replacement of a worn-out vessel with a relined one by simply lifting vessels out/in with an overhead crane
Kaldo furnace
pm kaldo furnace
  • High recovery of metals
  • Extremely flexible process performance
  • Lowest possible fixed inventory and shortest processing time
  • Ultra-low emissions
  • Burner fuel type can be selected according to customer requirements
  • Operated in batches
  • Compact equipment
  • Long equipment lifetime
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • High throughput in a small furnace
  • Patented, maintenance-free vessel attachment to the riding ring

Delivery scope

  • Kaldo furnace
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Refractories
  • Hydraulic Drive System
  • Lance system
  • Furnace casing
  • Ladle train
  • Process gas duct
  • Spare packages
  • Automation
  • Installation supervision, commissioning and lifecycle services
Kaldo furnace delivery scope

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