Metso Full portfolio Thickener feed system upgrade
Meet plant targets in the face of higher throughput, changing ore characteristics, and new operational requirements. A Metso upgrade of your thickener feed system is tailored for changing process conditions and requirements experienced throughout the lifetime of any minerals processing plant.

Upgrades that improve performance to help you reach your sustainability targets

Lower environmental impact


Decreased water consumption and chemical usage

Increased uptime


Designed to perform with many years of research, rigorous test work & analysis

Optimized mineral recovery


Increased solids throughput capability 

Lower operating costs


Minimized need for pumped dilution & lower flocculant usage

  • Increases the solids throughput capability of your thickener
  • Improves underflow density and overflow clarity
  • Improves water recovery
  • Reduces tailings management costs
  • Minimizes environmental impact
  • Improves operational stability
  • Optimizes mineral recovery
  • Lowers flocculant consumption
  • Industry-leading feedwell designs:
  • Feed conditioning including break tanks to manage challenges with incoming feed presentation and promote efficiency in floc mixing and use
  • Customized solutions for specific plant needs
  • Leading process experts and design engineers
  • Process Reviews /Audits
  • Test work
  • Engineering Studies
  • Upgrade may cover all parts of the feed system including:
    • Feedwell
    • Feed pipe
    • Flocculant box
    • Deaeration tank
    • Feed tank
    • Feed dilution systems including Turbodil forced dilution systems
See how you can obtain optimal thickener performance by implementing one of our thickener upgrade packages
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Discover more about our thickener upgrade solutions to ensure optimal thickener performance.
Reaching your sustainability targets?
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