Metso Full portfolio Thickener upgrades
Thickener Upgrades

Thickener upgrades

Restore or upgrade for increased performance

Our experts can ensure optimal thickener performance by implementing one of our thickener upgrades. Restore your thickener to its original condition or upgrade with the latest technology, explore your options here.

Upgrades that improve performance to help you reach your sustainability targets

Decreased water and chemical usage


Improved water recovery and flocculant consumption is vastly reduced

Improve safety


Upgrades provide additional safety for crew

Boost production


Upgrades help you ramp up capacity and boost production

Quicker, easier maintenance


Upgrades help to simplify and speed up maintenance saving time and costs

Get the most out of your aging thickener equipment

The efficiency of your process equipment is a critical factor in maximizing your operational profitability. If you are operating aging equipment, you face a difficult choice between investing significant capital in new equipment or modernizing your existing equipment. Our thickener experts will work in close partnership with you to design the most suitable modernization solution for your plant and operations.

Minimize shutdown time

We believe that a holistic approach is necessary to maximize the benefits of any modernization project. This means that each case should be evaluated individually and a site-specific solution developed based on the current process and equipment setup, as well as the objectives of the project. Although some modernization solutions are applicable for most installations, in-depth engineering, project planning, and process expertise are key to ensuring the best outcome and minimizing process downtime.

Upgrades for all thickener equipment

We upgrade existing Metso thickener technology and retrofit other thickener manufacturer’s equipment, from simple technology upgrades to full turnkey implementation. Our solutions bring measurable value across the key areas of thickening:

  • Product recovery
  • Water recovery
  • Plant availability
  • Operational costs
See how you can obtain optimal thickener performance by implementing one of our thickener upgrade packages
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Discover more about our thickener upgrade solutions to ensure optimal thickener performance.
Reaching your sustainability targets?
Find out how our flotation, thickener and analyzer services help to achieve your sustainability targets


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