Metso Full portfolio Refractory Demolition
Refractory failure is one of the leading causes of furnace malfunctions and inefficiencies. Refractory lining wear can also result in damage to equipment components resulting in energy waste, reduced performance and stoppage.

How can Metso help?

Improve safety

Our special line of equipment keeps crews safe.

Increase uptime

Keep your system running with regular inspection and maintenance.

Minimize shutdown time

Our lance equipment can cut slag up to 5x faster than others.

  • Increases safety
  • Minimizes shutdown time
  • Results in a clean furnace for the reconstruction phase
  • Maximizes asset availability and production

Metso demolition methods rely not only on commercially available demolition machines, but also on our special line of machines, tools, and methods that have been designed, developed, and refined over 35 years of demolition projects.

At Metso, our first priority is safety. We use advanced safety gear and methods to protect our people and your property. For example, Metso Versa XO2® lances cut build-up of solidified slag and metal up to five times faster than ordinary lances. We do not use blasting and explosives for demolition, which can cause collateral damage to surrounding equipment and systems, or worse.

Metso demolition experts are famous for their ability to remove furnace hearths and bottoms faster than anybody in the business. Our experienced machine operators can rapidly descale and remove refractory material without causing damage to steel shells.

Metso VersaHoe® shaft scalers and spiders are specially designed machines that fit inside reaction shafts, uptake shafts, and top submerged lance (TSL) furnaces for rapid refractory removal.

35 Years of experience globally

Metso has been performing demolition work all over the world for the past 35 years, with references from over a thousand projects. Metso’s top demolition experts each have over 25 years of experience in furnace demolition. Metso has experience with the following furnace types and metals:

  • Flash furnaces – Ni, Cu
  • Electric furnaces – round, six-in-line – Ni, Pt, Fe-alloys, Ti-O₂, slag
  • Noranda reactors – Cu
  • Peirce-Smith converters – Cu, Ni
  • TSL furnaces – Ausmelt, Isasmelt – Cu, Pb, Sn, e-scrap
  • Kivcet furnaces – Cu, Zinc, Pb
  • Anode furnaces – Cu
  • Rotary holding furnaces - Cu
  • Shaft furnaces
  • Pelletizing line furnaces – Fe
  • Blast furnaces – Fe
35 Years of experience globally

Metso demolition experts begin by visiting your operation to work with your project team and plan each detail of the demolition phase. Every effort is made to compress the planned demolition schedule, utilizing Metso and Versa lines of equipment and methods.

As much pre-work as possible is performed before the shutdown. When the feed is turned off, Metso takes over, managing the cool-down and demolition phases.

Metso works closely with your mechanical and other skilled contractors to rapidly deconstruct ancillary equipment, carefully remove cooling elements and systems, and tear out refractory materials. You get a clean furnace that is ready for the reconstruction phase at the conclusion of the demolition phase.

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