Metso Full portfolio SAF Smelting Plant

Get low raw material consumption, high metal recovery and low CO₂ and dust emissions with Metso's Outotec SAF smelting plant. Preheating removes water and volatiles, stabilizing process conditions and decreasing the specific energy consumption of the furnace.

  • Minimizes energy, coke, and electrode paste consumption    
  • Offers high productivity and metals recovery, especially with pellets    
  • Enables effective utilization of cleaned CO gas in different plant applications    
  • Preheats up to 600ºC, with every 100ºC saving 70 kWh per metric ton of metal in smelting    
  • Gives you low operational costs and low CO₂ and dust emissions
SAF Smelting Plant

When using a preheated feed, the Metso's Outotec submerged arc furnace results in extremely low specific power consumption, low reductant and electrode consumption, and very high throughput. The closed design also minimizes dust emissions into the plant environment and surrounding atmosphere.

We offer a range of furnace roof designs to suit different SAF applications. A closed-roof solution makes smelting and maintenance safer. The roof is typically made from water-cooled steel panels, but it is also possible to use a hybrid solution combining water-cooled steel panels and refractory materials. The gas-tight sealing guarantees low emissions and efficient collection and utilization of CO gas.

Water spray from the shell and forced air in the bottom of the furnace ensure effective cooling. The combination of the conductive carbon lining and effective cooling forms an autogenous freeze layer on the hot face of the lining, which minimizes lining erosion and improves thermal efficiency.


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