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Banana screens

Banana screens

High performing and efficient multi-slope screens

Banana screens deliver optimal uptime and the lowest total cost to operate. They are widely utilized in aggregates production and in mining operations. Metso's range of banana screens is known for reliability and safety.
Optimal performance

Adjustable stroke and speed. Various screening panel types and upgrade options.

Maximum uptime

Low-stress design. Highly available wear and spare parts.

Safe and easy operation

Comfortable room between decks. Guards and covers for moving parts. Modular components and easily replaceable parts.

Sustainable productivity

For a more sustainable production, take a closer look at the BSE Series™ and EF (Ellipti-Flo) Series™ banana screens.

Safe banana screens for long-term production

Banana screens are also called multi-slope screens. Metso’s range of banana screens consists of four different product families – EF Series™, MF Series™, BSE Series™ and TS Series™.

These product families have their own features, specifications, and optimal applications, but all are known for high-performance, increased uptime, safety, and ease of maintenance.

Optimal performance
Stroke and speed can be easily adjusted to optimize performance and increase profitability. The availability of various screening panel types and upgrade options can also be used to improve performance.

Maximum uptime
The modular design and highly available wear and spare parts combined with a low-stress designed screen body maximize uptime.

Safe operation
Features such as comfortable room between decks, guards and covers for moving parts, and dust and noise protection ensure that Metso vibrating screens are safe to use for operators.

Easy to maintain
Metso vibrating screens have been designed with modular components and easy access to replaceable parts to enable quick maintenance, avoiding costly downtime.

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