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horizontal screens

Horizontal screens

Efficient screening in wide variety of applications

Horizontal screens use elliptical or linear motion for increased performance and efficiency. Their proven design help ensure operational safety and simple maintenance to drastically increase service life and your profitability.

Efficient performance

Reliable design and high capacity increases profitability.

Safe operation

Comfortable room between decks, guards and covers, as well configurable dust and noise protection.

Easy maintenance

Modular design enables quick and easy part replacement.

Long service life

Rugged construction and weld-free side walls.

Horizontal screens for high performance screening

Metso’s range of horizontal screens consists of three product families – FS Series™ screens, ES Series™ screens, and LH Series™ screens.

Each product family has its own features, specifications, and optimal applications, but all are known for efficient performance, safety, easy maintenance, and long service life.

Efficient performance
Increase operational efficiency with horizontal screens. Due to the slower travel rate when compared with inclined screens, material spends more time on the screen allowing more material to pass through the screen openings before the end. The motion of the screen also helps to improve performance for increased profitability of your operations.

Safe operation
Metso’s horizontal screens are built for safety. The comfortable room between decks, guards and covers as well configurable dust and noise protection significantly improve operator safety.

Easy maintenance
The modular design of horizontal screens enables quick and easy part replacement or maintenance to significantly decrease costly downtime.

Long service life
Thanks to their rugged construction and weld-free side walls, horizontal screens are less prone to fatigue stress, increasing service life and reducing the need for maintenance.

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