Increase safety and productivity through better awareness of process conditions. 

  • Increases safety    
  • Collects cooling water data with few instruments    
  • Lowers investment costs and the need for maintenance through a patented solution 
  • Enables optimization of water consumption    
  • Increases furnace lifetime through monitoring    
  • Includes easy-to-use software with intuitive multi-user interface    
  • Allows easy upgrading of the header

Metso's Outotec Sentinel headers are used to distribute cooling water to the cooling elements of a furnace, protecting the parts of the furnace with a high thermal load from overheating.

Constant monitoring of a smelting furnace’s cooling waters adds valuable information on the process conditions and is essential in order to provide sufficient cooling. Metso's Outotec Sentinel software monitors the cooling waters of a furnace and automatically warns operators of abnormal situations.

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