Conveyor loading systems

Conveyor loading systems

Keep your conveyor safe

In any mining or aggregate operation, the conveyor belts, frames and rollers are subject to relentless forces and impacts, day after day. Conveyor loading system consist of a cradle, glide bars, and impact bars placed at the transfer or loading point, often between two conveyors. They protect your valuable equipment from impact damage when the material is being transferred.

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Selecting an optimal impact cradle

To avoid buying a product that is not strong enough to withstand the impact of your operations, we recommend you use our impact calculation tool. Armed with the results, you can confidently choose a loading solution that is correctly designed to protect your equipment investments and keep your conveyors moving. We want you to achieve high availability and meet your sustainability targets for many years to come.

The program provides you with two options, based on the information you input about your conveyors.

Required data:

  • Customer and supplier information
  • Belt width
  • Length of impact zone
  • Belt speed
  • Maximum drop height
  • Material flow
  • Maximum lump weight (or material density) and largest lump size

If you are interested in testing the free impact calculation tool, please send us an inquiry by using the contact form at the bottom of the page.



Trellex conveyor glide bars

Trellex glide bars create a sealed surface against the conveyor belt. Being made partly of rubber, they also help absorb impacts. Designed for use on the troughed sides of the conveyor belt, glide bars support the edge of the belt and prevent sagging between the rollers, giving an even surface to seal against.

Together with sealing systems, glide bars do an efficient job of preventing dust and material spillage.

Material properties

Trellex glide bars consist of sandwiched polyethylene and rubber, bonded with a vulcanized aluminum profile for easy fixing with T-bolts. The yellow top layer is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which has low friction and good wear resistance. The rubber material beneath it can absorb some energy, which helps protects the conveyor belt and equipment from damage.

Special features

Trellex glide bars can be combined with impact bars on a cradle in the loading zone, or in lighter-weight applications on a formed plate that replaces the outer troughing rollers. A third option – called the Trellex glide bar cradle – is a special support where the angle, width and height are all adjustable.

Trellex glide bars technical description
Trellex glide bars technical description

Material: Impact-absorbing rubber 57 Shore A
UHMWPE 1000 yellow
Fastening rail: Aluminium
T-bolt: TF35/25 M12 x 40/35 mm


Trellex glide bars technical specifications


Trellex impact bars protect conveyors from impact damage

Trellex impact bars are known for high performance and durability. Designed for use with Trellex impact cradles, the impact bars were first invented by Metso about 30 years ago and they are still very popular products.

Although many other companies have created their own models, Metso sets the standard and still offers the most reliable way to protect conveyors from impact damage. No other product matches Metso’s impact bars in terms of performance and durability, and no more recent invention has rendered the impact bar obsolete.

Material properties

There are several good reasons to choose impact bars from Metso, the inventors of loading zone protectors. They begin with the choice of material. Our bars are made of high-grade polyethylene, which lowers friction and gives a good wear life; a special rubber compound engineered for absorbing impact; and a reinforced aluminum profile that is a full 71% stronger than earlier models.

Special features

Equally important is the method used for joining the materials together. Strong bonding techniques ensure that the impact bars stay intact over time. Moreover, the aluminum is vulcanized to the rubber making the bars easy to fasten with T-bolts. This product has the additional advantage of helping to support the conveyor belt around the sealing systems. And the absence of moving parts reduces the risk of pinching accidents, as well as making the system virtually maintenance-free.

Trellex impact bars description
Trellex impact bars description

Material: Impact-absorbing rubber 57 Shore A UHMWPE 1000 red
Fastening rail: Aluminium
T-bolt: TF35/25 M12x40/35 mm

Trellex impact bars technical specifications


Trellex impact cradles

Used in conjunction with impact bars, conveyor impact cradles give your loading zone long-lasting support and protection. Custom-built using modular standard components, each impact cradle Metso supplies is designed to fit the precise specifications of your individual conveyor.

Trellex impact cradles are often utilized with Trellex impact bars. Cradles give your loading zone long-lasting support and protection. The impact cradles are custom-built using modular standard components. This gives you the best of all worlds – a cradle that matches your exact requirements but is cost-effective.

Material properties

Trellex cradles are made of a strong steel mounting that’s tough enough to withstand high impact forces. They are angled to stabilize the belt and maximize the sealing system’s performance.

Special features

The absence of moving parts effectively eliminates the most common problem of conventional idlers, i.e. seized rollers.

The consequent increase in reliability reduces your costs and raises your productivity. Installation and maintenance are easy since our cradles can be slid in and out of position, reducing the typical replacement time from 3 hours to 30 minutes. This not only lowers costs but also reduces the risk of operator injuries.

Trellex impact cradles description
Trellex impact cradles description

Construction material: Steel, S235JRG2 & S355N/M
Surface treatment: Powder-coated blue RAL5005

Trellex impact cradle measures.
Trellex impact cradle measures.

Trellex impact cradles technical specifications

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