Trellex PUlag polyurethane pulley lagging

for belt conveyors

Trellex® polyurethane lagging (PUlag) by Metso is used to increase service life of non drive pulleys. Polyurethane’s extreme abrasion resistance combined with it’s low coefficient of friction provide a solution to applications with premature wear when there’s a requirement for no risk of damage to the belt cover. Polyurethane is good for applications with carry back problems as it is slippery resisting material build up. Polyurethane lagging is specially engineered moulding thermoplastic polyurethane inserts onto a rubber backing layer.

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About Trellex® PUlag polyurethane pulley lagging


Polyurethane lagging shall be specified on non drive pulleys when:

  • there’s a requirement for higher abrasion resistance than what achieved with rubber laggings.
  • in applications where there’s slippage between the conveyor belt and the lagging surface, such as on bend pulleys and non drive pulleys on turnover conveyors. It’s low coefficient of friction make polyurethane lagging kind to the belt bottom cover.
  • when there’s buildup of material between the belt and the lagging.

Metso pulley lagging should be applied according to our application procedure using Trellex Steel Primer and Trellex Greenbond adhesive.


Trellex PUlag is 250 mm wide to ensure easy handling and application. It is supplied in long roll lengths that fit on standard sized pallets to eliminate waste and for cost effective transportation and storage. It can be supplied in 12 mm and 20 mm thickness.


PUlag polyurethane pulley lagging 3D


Non-drive pulley

Cold bonding polyurethane lagging

(Hot vulcanized available on request)

PUlag polyurethane pulley lagging 3D

Benefits and features

  • Precision molded strip with optimum polyurethane properties

  • Highly abrasion resistant

  • Polyurethane inserts prevent wear on pulley shell

  • Low coefficient of friction difficult to stick to

  • Gentle to belt cover and resists build-up

Technical description

Material: PU inserts 85 ShoreA Rubber 65 ShoreA Buffed Bonding Layer-CN

Installation: Cold bonding

Hot vulcanising: Available on request

Cold bonded lagging: Metso pulley lagging should be applied according to the Metso application procedure using Trellex® Steel Primer P5 (P/N 2322060) and Trellex Greenbond adhesive (P/N 2322040). These have been formulated to contain ingredients that chemically interlock with components in the CN/CL bonding layer.

Lagging specifications

12x250mm in 10, 20 & 58,2m rolls
20x250mm in 10, 20 & 35m rolls
Thickness variation +/- 0,5mm

Polyurethane lagging with thickness >15 mm only recommended for pulleys with diameters over 400mm.

Item codes
Storage recommendations

Storage room for lagging must be cool, dry and kept clean.
Protect the lagging from dust, water etc. with suitable coverings.
Avoid storage places near sources of ozone generating equipment.
UV light can damage the product – protect product against direct sunlight and strong artificial light.
Do NOT store outside.
Do NOT store together with fuels, lubricants, acids, disinfectants, solvents or other chemicals.
Allow 24 hours before use when lagging is removed from cold storage.
Shelf life for lagging: 3 years.
(Stored covered out of sunlight UV and away from ozone generating equipment).


Calculate your need:

The length of the lagging/drum

Pulley Ø = 500mm
Lagging thickness = 12mm
Pulley width = 1000mm
Extra length/strip = 100mm
Lagging width = 250mm
Pi (𝜋)= 3,14

The circumference of the lagging/drum

(500 + 12) X 3,14 = 1608mm

1608 = 6,4 strips -> 7 strips

7 X (1000 + 100) = 7700mm

The length of the lagging/drum = 7700mm

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