primary gyratory crusher parts

Primary gyratory crusher parts

Improve crushing performance and prolong service life

High-quality primary gyratory crusher parts increase the crushing performance and reduce unexpected downtime without compromising sustainability aspects. We offer standard or tailor-made parts according to your application requirements.
OEM quality

Applying the strictest standards and tolerances for guaranteed safety and reliability.

Productive sustainability

Optimal chamber selection coupled with long-lasting wear parts support your production and sustainability targets.

Complete offering

Whether your crusher is two or twenty years old, get the exact parts and components for your operation.

Availability with full support

We support you from over 150 locations globally from recommended parts lists to installation to upgrades and beyond.

Expert Series and Max Series crusher wear parts for primary gyratory crushers

Exceed your targets: Expert Series and Max Series primary gyratory crusher wears

Metso Expert Series and Metso Max Series wear parts are designed to provide extended life, lower cost per ton, optimized capacity, performance and sustainability even in the most challenging primary gyratory applications.

With the help of our Chamber Expert Service and Chamber Optimization Service, we work with you to identify just the right level of primary gyratory wear part solution to meet your application and environmental demands.

Expert Series and Max Series crusher wear parts for primary gyratory crushers
An upper mantle of a primary gyratory crusher.,
What is the true value of uptime?

A crusher mantle or a set of concave segments with a longer wear life do not need to be replaced as often. You will need fewer per year but also have fewer maintenance shutdowns.

This means that you save the cost of performing a change-out. And, every hour and each day that the crusher is in operation instead of under maintenance, equals more valuable uptime for reaching and exceeding your production targets.

What is the cost of a mantle replacement or a full concave reline? How much is an hour of production worth in your operation? What is the impact on the environmental targets? It’s time to do the math.

How much is more throughput worth?

What if the primary crusher in your operation could process 5% more ore per hour? Or 10%? How about 15%? What would such an increase mean for your annual production figures? Or your environmental footprint?

Adjustments to chamber design - the geometry of the mantle and concave segments - can have a big impact on the throughput of a crusher.

Metso’s unique Chamber Optimization Service allows us to test and verify various chamber geometry options to make sure that your crusher performs to its full potential - and beyond.

Common wear parts

  • Mantles
  • Concave segments
  • Bottom shell side liners
  • Spider cap
  • Arm liners
  • Rim liners
Primary gyratory crusher in action.
Check the video
Watch the video to see how we can help you to get the maximum potential out of your crusher to achieve improved crushing performance and lower cost per ton.
Chamber Optimization Program

Get the maximum potential out of your size reduction process to achieve improved crushing performance and lower cost per ton. By using our unique simulation software, our chamber optimization experts can design an optimized crushing chamber that matches the exact conditions you are operating under.

Learn more about our Chamber Optimization Program

Check the video
Primary gyratory crusher spare parts
Primary gyratory crusher spare parts

Metso is the industry leader in manufacturing gyratory crushers with over sixty years of experience. As the popular crushers, our primary gyratory crusher spare parts are continually improved with upgrades and developments. 

When your production or environmental requirements are changing, Metso's spares for gyratory crushers are available also for older models with new developments incorporated.

Main components

  • Shells and spider
  • Mainshaft 
  • Eccentrics 
  • MPS 

Common components

  • Spider bushing 
  • Bottom shell bushing 
  • Pinion and gear 
  • Step bearings 
Parts for non-Metso gyratory crushers

In addition to the wide range of parts for Metso's current crushers and heritage brands, we also offer high-quality crusher spare and wear parts for crushers made by other manufacturers.

A complete range of critical parts have been developed of select models, supported by high stock availability and skilled support personnel.

Parts for non-Metso gyratory crushers.
Whether old or new, we can help bring your Superior gyratory to the next level.
Create your very own mix and match upgrades to suit your unique goals and desired investment levels.
How others have improved profitability and reduced risks?


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