Chamber Optimization

Chamber Optimization

Optimize your crushing process and reduce environmental impact with custom-engineered wear parts

Are you looking for improved crushing performance, lower cost per ton and improved crusher uptime? Metso Chamber Optimization Program takes your crushing efficiency to the next level.
Energy efficiency
More energy efficient crushing

Up to 30% reduction in energy consumption depending on the application, leading to lower cost per ton and more sustainable operation.


Longer wear part lifetime
Longer wear part lifetime

Double, triple or quadruple wear life reduces the amount of liners consumed as well as resources needed to manufacture them. Longer wear life also means less change-outs and less stops in production.

Optimized crushing performance
Optimized crushing performance

Our Chamber Optimization experts help you to identify bottlenecks and optimize crushing performance from a single crusher to the full circuit.

Get the maximum potential out of your crusher with an optimized chamber

Metso has designed and manufactured crushers for decades. We have the extensive knowledge and expertise on the crushers, and experience from 1,000+ cases, which allows us to find optimal solution for your process to get maximum potential out of your crushers.

Metso's Chamber Optimization Program is especially beneficial for high-volume crushing purposes, where tailoring enables increased production. For developing optimum crusher chambers, Metso uses a state-of-the-art computer-controlled simulation software, which has been developed in-house during several decades. By using this tool, taking into account your experiences and applying our expert-level crusher knowledge, we make sure the set production targets are achieved.

Expertly developed for your crusher

Our crusher wear parts are expertly developed for your equipment, manufactured to the highest quality standard and tested to the most rigorous industry specifications so you can trust the durability of the crusher wear parts and fully concentrate on achieving the production targets of your crushing operation.

6 steps of Chamber Optimization
6 steps of Chamber Optimization
  1. Audit. Our experts take a thorough look at your crushing process, collect data, ore samples, and identify improvement areas.
  2. Analyze. The ore samples are sent to one of our laboratories and the process data is analyzed.
  3. Design. We utilize the data and lab test results to select the right alloy for the ore and to re-engineer customized parts with our simulation software as well as crushing tests.
  4. Implement. The new parts are manufactured in our foundries and installed in the crusher.
  5. Monitor. Performance of the new parts is monitored through regular follow-up and wear scanning.
  6. Develop. The first set of optimized liners should already yield significant improvements. We always continue to develop the design for even better results.
Check the video
Watch the video to see how we can help you to get the maximum potential out of your crusher to achieve improved crushing performance and lower cost per ton.
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