Lifting tool for cone crusher wear part

Crusher maintenance tools

Lifting tools and maintenance platforms

Metso’s especially designed, fit-for-purpose tools make the maintenance of your crusher safer, faster and more efficient. As a result, maintenance times are decreased while crushing uptime is increased.


Improved safety

Improved safety

Using a tool specifically designed for the job improves the maintenance safety

Maximum uptime

Your liner installation is much faster and more efficient when using the right tools

Lifting tools

Metso lifting tools make the maintenance of your crusher easy, safe and more efficient. All of our lifting tools are backed by Metso quality, OEM design and expertise, making them the best choice to lift Metso engineered and supplied crusher wear parts. All Metso lifting tools are thoroughly tested and quality inspected to ensure maximum performance and safety.

The lifting tools are available for crusher wear parts for all Metso crusher series and select 3rd party crusher wear parts.

Crusher wear part lifting tools

Download Metso crusher wears lifting tool catalog

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Launching lifting tools for MP Series™ cone crusher wear parts
By using specially designed, fit-for-purpose lifting tools, maintenance times can be shortened and crusher downtime reduced. Learn more about our new lifting tools for MP Series™ cone crusher bowl liners and mantles
Maintenance platforms

The maintenance platform is available for Nordberg® C Series™ jaw crushers with one-piece and two-piece jaw die set-ups. Its lightweight aluminum design with easy adjustability makes it easy to handle and improves working ergonomics as well as safety.

Crusher maintenance platform
Improved safety: maintenance platform for C Series™ jaw crushers
Read this article written by our crusher expert Ilkka Somero

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