Pelletizing discs

Pelletizing discs

Uniform pellets for a more consistent product

Metso offers the best available spare and ware parts to keep your equipment operating at its best. Our pelletizing discs provide operational flexibility and sustainability together with control over your pellets' granular quality for better product performance.
Improved safety

With the strictest standards and tolerances for easy, safer maintenance procedures

Increased uptime

By using parts made with quality materials and the latest technology 

End-to-end solutions

From original to 3rd party parts, to complete kits, we can support your site


With 150 distribution centers world-wide, we supply parts where and when you need them

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Local and accurate pelletizing disc control through operators control system
  • Easy alignment with a motor coupled directlty to the reducer and mounted on a common adjustable sub base
  • Maintenance friendly

Pelletizing discs are used in the agglomeration process to form fine iron ore into uniform green iron ore pellets. Green pellets are fed to a travelling grate or grate kiln.


  • Rugged reinforced frame to accommodate a single drive
  • Drive reduction – one reducer, one pinion, one gear, service factors exceed 1.25
  • Motor directly coupled to the reducer and mounted on a common adjustable sub-base
  • Heavy duty roller bearing supporting stediment shaft
  • Stediment shaft bearings are housed in an oil bath cavity with a magnetic drain plug and a sight glass eliminating the need for an automatic grease system
  • Plows are equipped with an angle indicator to aid in the setup of the plows
  • Ceramic wear surface on plows. Ceramic tiles are plug welded to a removable plate that is, in turn, bolted to the main plow frame, which can easily be replaced since the plow frame does not have to be disturbed or readjusted
  • Wide discharge chute for better product flow and lined with UHMW

Pelletizing discs are used in iron and steel plants but can also be used in:

  • Handling fertilizer
  • Cement, fly ash
  • Alumina
  • Copper concentrate


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