Crusher wear part optimization service by Metso

Chamber expert service

Optimal chamber and running parameters for aggregates crushers

Optimizing the crushing process to get the highest profitability out of the assets is something that every aggregates producer aims for. With our Chamber expert service, you will get the optimal wear parts for your aggregates crushers to achieve higher capacity, excellent product shape, energy efficiency and enhanced product gradation.

Unique know-how and leading process tools to help you reach your sustainability targets

Higher production

Improved capacity

Higher quality product shape

Higher quality product shape

Reduced energy consumption

Reduced energy consumption

Improved wear part lifetime

Improved wear part lifetime

Get the optimal chamber for your existing aggregates crusher

With the Chamber expert service and the special Metso ChamberPRO software, our crushing experts recommend the optimal chamber for your crushing process, to improve your crusher economy. Based on your application and targets they analyze and refine the most important parameters such as:

  • feed level
  • end product mix
  • energy consumption
  • production capacity
  • regulations
  • standards
  • wear parts lifetime
Chamber expert service five steps
How the Chamber expert service works?

Our team works with you to first go through the needed data regarding the crushing process – from rock properties to crusher running parameters.

After the data is collected, it is entered into Metso's ChamberPRO software that analyzes it and calculates on how key parameter changes will affect plant production KPIs, such as power draw, capacity, liner wear life, reduction ratio and product gradation. This leads to the recommended optimal wear parts for the crushing process.

After analysis, the team will make a proposal and quotation for the optimal wear parts and machine running parameters. The team will also take care of the implementation plan and follow-up agenda to ensure the success of the calculated outcome.

Five steps of the Chamber expert service

Wear part optimization service

Check the video
Watch the video and see how our experts get you the optimal wear parts for your aggregates process.


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