Uncompromised reliability and productivity


The reliability of Nordberg® C Series™ jaw crushers is based on a revolutionary pinned and bolted, non-welded frame construction. This design provides excellent fatigue strength even in toughest quarrying or mining applications.

Nordberg C Series jaw crushers are the most productive and cost-efficient jaw crushers for any primary crushing application. C Series jaw crushers were originally developed to crush the hardest ores and rocks so they perform extremely well also in less demanding applications, such as soft rock, recycling and slag.

Metso's foundry expertise enables continuous steel casting development to ensure the best casting designs and quality in terms of strength and fatigue life. High level of engineering combined with top-of-the-line commercial components, such as spherical roller bearings, ensure the reliability that Nordberg C Series jaw crushers are known for.


  • The highest uptime
    • The best fatigue strength
    • An excellent reliability
  • Greater performance
    • Higher reduction ratio
    • Steeper cavity design
    • Long and linear stroke
  • Easy & safe maintenance
    • Patented maintenance platform
    • Lifting tools
    • Tri-Nut fastening system
    • Smart crusher design

The ultimate primary crusher

The Nordberg C Series jaw crushers are overhead eccentric single toggle jaw crushers. The feed material is crushed between fixed and movable jaw dies. Movable jaw die is mounted to the pitman. Pitman motion (=kinematics) is defined by the eccentricity of the eccentric shaft and by the angle of the toggle plate. In Nordberg C Series jaw crushers the angle of the toggle plate is so steep that it amplifies the stroke from the top of the cavity to the bottom of the cavity. The result is a long and linear stroke in the bottom of the cavity which ensures great productivity and high reduction ratio.

Cavity of the C Series jaw crushers works extremely efficiently from the very top to the bottom thanks to great feed opening dimensions, a good stroke up in the cavity, tight nip angle (angle between the fixed and movable jaw) and the long amplified linear stoke in the bottom of the cavity. The crusher size, weight, feed opening dimensions and capacity are all in good balance ensuring that with reasonable capital investment it is possible to process large feed and produce with good capacity. This ensures the best total economical feasibility of the primary crushing stage.

Safe, quick and easy maintenance

The Nordberg C Series jaw crushers have been designed to be safe, quick and easy to maintain. The advanced features of the C Series jaw crushers increase your uptime and the production of valuable end products. Metso provides the right tools for maintenance of your crusher.

Each Nordberg C Series jaw crusher comes with lifting tools for jaw dies, cheek plates and the toggle plate. This standard feature increases your safety and makes wear part change safe and easy. Metso's lifting tools minimize the risk of accidents during the wear part change.

The Metso's maintenance platform for Nordberg C Series jaw crushers improves your ergonomics and safety during the wear parts change. It ensures an easy and safe access into the crusher cavity and holds the jaw dies in place even if the jaw die mounting hardware is loose or removed. The maintenance platform is easy to handle and adjust for different cavities and there are models available for one and two piece jaw die setups. See the animation of the maintenance platform from here.

 Nordberg C Series
  Power Basic crusher weight Feed opening Capacity up to
C80™ 75 kW (100 hp) 7 670 kg (16 900 lbs) 800 x 510 mm (32” x 20”) 335 Mtph (370 Stph)
C96™ 90 kW (125 hp) 9 759 kg (21 520 lbs) 930 x 580 mm (37” x 23”) 390 Mtph (430 Stph
C106™ 110 kW (150 hp) 14 350 kg (31 650 lbs) 1060 x 700 mm (42” x 28”) 500 Mtph (560 Stph)
C116™ 132 kW (175 hp) 18 600 kg (40 920 lbs) 1150 x 760 mm (45” x 30”) 520 Mtph (580 Stph)
C120™ 160 kW (200 hp) 26 000 kg (57 200 lbs) 1200 x 870 mm (47” x 34”) 540 Mtph (595 Stph)
C130™ 160 kW (250 hp) 40 100 kg (88 500 lbs) 1300 x 1000 mm (51” x 39”) 831 Mtph (915 Stph)
C150™ 200 kW (300 hp) 51 200 kg (113 000 lbs) 1400 x 1200 mm (55” x 47”) 880 Mtph (970 Stph)
C160™ 250 kW (350 hp) 76 500 kg (168 300 lbs) 1600 x 1200 mm (63” x 47”) 1141 Mtph (1260  Stph)
C200™ 400 kW (500 hp) 121 510 kg (267 930 lbs) 2000 x 1500 mm (79” x 59”) 1435 Mtph  (1575 Stph)

 * Smaller closed side settings can be often used depending on application and production requirements. For a performance estimation for your specific application, please contact Metso.

The above figures represent through the crusher capacities, which are based on a feed material with an average specific gravity of 2.7 t/m3, a maximum feed size that will enter the crusher without bridging and material finer than the crushers closed side setting removed. The capacities may vary depending on the feeding method and on feed characteristics such as gradation, bulk density, moisture, clay content and crushability. Measurement of the crusher’s closed side setting varies depending on the jaw profile that is being used and has an impact on the crusher’s capacity and product gradation. The following factors will enhance crusher capacity and performance:

1. Proper selection of the jaws.

2. Proper feed gradation.

3. Controlled feed rate.

4. Sufficient feeder capacity and width.

5. Adequate crusher discharge area.

6. Discharge conveyor sized to convey maximum crusher capacity.

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