Apron feeders

Quality in robust design for optimal feeding

Apron feeders are a reliable solution for extracting or feeding ores that are wet, sticky, dry or even frozen. Metso apron feeder's diversity can be found throughout the mineral processing circuit fitting different applications with robust designs and high uptime for a more efficient operation.

Low maintenance needs

Pressure lubricated chain with lifetime seals. Easily replaceable track.

Increased safety

Easy to operate. Less required maintenance reduces risks.

High reliability

Robust design that withstand heavy shock loads.

Versatile applications

Horizontal or on an incline. Primary, secondary or tertiary feeding.

Apron feeders for reliable buffering to downstream equipment

Metso apron feeders are the global standard in quality, durability and reliability. The rugged design remains the preferred choice of material handling and processing industries around the world. Engineered with attention to every detail and component, Metso apron feeders are built to provide maximum uptime with a long service life for continuous productivity.

Low maintenance needs

Metso apron feeders provide nearly a 100% maintenance free operation due to the sealed for ife lubricated components and robust design. They are meant to be used in heavy duty applications to extract and feed materials to their next destination. 

If maintenance is required, Metso apron feeders make that easy. Easily replaceable lifetime lubricated track, anti-friction shafts bearings, shaftless tail traction wheel assembly and more spare parts are readily available. Ensuring that downtime is at a minimum to maximize profitability.

Increased safety

Metso feeders are equipped with a full set of guards, a zero-speed switch, a pull chord switch as well as variable speed mechanical and hydraulic drives for maximum safety and usability. Combining this with the ease of minimal maintenance that comes with Metso apron feeders, there is a standard set for safety with peace of mind.

High reliability

Higher load carrying capacity is possible due to a spline connection. This ensures optimal reliability even with heavier loads. The feeders also feature a 30 degree split bearing housing with tactonite seals and a crawler "tractor chain style" with hardened links, pins and bushings. Tractor chain style feeders are known to be the preferred style of apron feeder for extracting materials of various characteristics.

This type of chain style in the Metso apron feeder utilizes an undercarriage chain, rollers and tall wheels that are also used in larger equipment like bulldozers and excavators. All crawler tractor components are "sealed for life lubricated" and does not require frequent lubrication like other style apron feeders.

The incredibly robust design can easily withstand heavy shock loads and features a rugged welded frame for rigid support for any loading operations.

Versatile applications

Apron feeders can be used in a variety of applications to fit the needs of your operation. Their primary function is to control the feed of run of mine materials to primary crushers or dump stations. But apron feeders can be found in either primary, secondary or tertiary applications throughout the operation.

Apron feeders are also utilized under crushers, hoppers and bins to act as a buffer to downstream equipment and control material surge, or under silos and stockpiles to reclaim materials from storage.

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