Slurry handling in mining

One annual maintenance break instead of three leads to 67% spare parts costs savings

New pumps require 75% less maintenance and save over 6 billion liters of water 

17% increase in pump efficiency reduces energy consumption by 15% 

Natural rubber-lined pipes have five times longer wear life

Even small improvements in slurry handling efficiency can have a drastic impact on mining profitability

Slurry handling is vital in maximizing minerals processing plant’s productivity and efficiency. It plays a key role in mining processes involving water and other liquids. Insufficient slurry handling may result in bringing the whole plant to a halt or leading to inefficiencies in important processes such as grinding, classification, separation, dewatering, and tailings handling.

Metso offers complete solutions for slurry handling including equipment, parts, as well as optimization and maintenance services. From product selection and technical support to comprehensive service agreements, everything can be matched for every customer’s application.

Our slurry pumps, slurry pipes, slurry hoses, and slurry valves are designed to improve slurry handling efficiency and reduce operating costs. Services and parts, in turn, increase productivity by cutting maintenance costs and adding uptime.

Slurry handling sub-processes