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Aug 16, 2023

Are you crushing it with the correct HP cone crusher chamber for your application?

Janne Lahtela
Janne Lahtela
Product Manager, Jaw and Cone crushers
Nordberg® HP Series™ crushers are no doubt one of the world’s most popular cone crushers. You can see that we have an extensive aftermarket crusher wears offering for the HP Series crushers. Let’s go through a couple of aftermarket innovations that can be considered an upgrade from the factory-installed chamber selection.

It all starts with the right alloy

Let’s start with manganese alloys. The Metso XT710 alloy, containing around 18% manganese, has become the standard in the aggregates industry and works wonders for HP cones. However, it’s worth noting that XT710 is very commonly used in Nordberg C-Series™ jaw crushers and GP Series™ cone crushers as well. But what if you want an alloy that is more purposefully engineered just for HP cones and their kinematics?

The answer is the Metso XT720 alloy with increased manganese (~21%) and chrome. It’s a tailored alloy with up to 10% longer lifetime than the standard XT710 alloy for HP cones, so its cost-to-lifetime ratio is excellent. In this regard, I really feel like the HP cone crusher and XT720 alloy combination hits the sweet spot in most applications.

The XT720 alloy works especially well in HP cone crushers, mainly because of their uniquely long stroke length, high crushing forces and general chamber profile shapes matching the alloy and their properties perfectly. Again, this showcases how Metso is leveraging our crusher engineering and manufacturing knowledge also in the aftermarket offering!


Then what about the chamber profile?

Metso’s HP Thick Liner chambers, commonly referred to as OverSize (OS) chambers, are thicker than normal liners (as the name suggests) and generally have a lifetime improvement of +20 to +50% – or even more, depending on the solution and HP crusher model. The benefit of the OS chamber is having the same production (capacity, reduction) as with the standard-thickness parts, but with a longer lifetime and less-frequent liner changes. Thick Liners are also designed to have the same feed opening dimensions as the standard counterparts.

Does that sound a bit too good to be true? In a way, it’s not quite that simple; luckily, there are just a couple of things to check before trying Thick Liners. First off, it's important to inspect the wear profile of the normal liners. If the wear profile is smooth and straight without a bell shape, that’s a green light to go ahead. Also worth noting is that Thick Liners reduce the maximum Closed Side Setting (CSS). However, they are an excellent choice, especially for HP cone crusher technology, as generally, crushers with a rotating bowl have larger maximum CSS to begin with compared to other cone crusher technologies. So,  this typically does not matter and the most common CSS ranges are achievable with Thick Liners.

Can HP Thick Liners work in applications requiring a large CSS, such as railway ballast production? Well, it may be possible with the Metso Long Bowl spare parts kit. The kit, which is available for some HP models, makes it possible to rotate the bowl higher up and thus could be considered alongside these OverSize (OS) liners.

No-backing chambers

The Nordberg HPe Series no-backing chambers are a fantastic addition to the aftermarket offering, starting with the newly launched HP200e cone crusher – ”Evolution in Motion”. 

With the bowl and head assembly upgrade kits, the new no-backing liners can be installed in existing Nordberg HP200 cone crushers. The new chambers are faster and safer to install and reduce hazardous waste, and there is no longer the need to procure and store backing material.

There are ten new HP200e chamber designs providing alternatives for optimal chamber selection, and I would like to highlight two of them:

  • The Standard Extra-Coarse (STD EC) chamber in which the upper portion of the chamber is more vertical, meaning the feed opening is not reduced as the bowl is lowered to compensate for chamber wear.

  • The Narrow Fraction Fine (F-NF) chamber greatly limits the production of fines, such as 0-4mm, which in some cases are considered waste. In those cases, this chamber maximizes the yield of products you can sell, such as 5-11mm, and lowers the yield of non-sellable products. Who wouldn’t love that?

I have no doubts that there is more to come for the HPe Series.

Bowl and head assembly
Bowl and head assembly
Standard Extra-Coarse chamber
Standard Extra-Coarse chamber
Narrow Fraction Fine chamber
Narrow Fraction Fine chamber

Metso has a broad chamber portfolio for the Nordberg HP Series, and there is certainly an optimal chamber for each customer application. We are here to help you to make the best selection for your needs.

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