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Feb 9, 2023

Trends in Aggregates, leading the change with our innovations 4/4

Kimmo Vesamäki
Kimmo Vesamäki
VP, Aggregates Technology, Metso Outotec
Electrification, digitalization and automation may not be the first things to come to your mind when thinking of crushing rocks, but it should be when thinking of innovation and reaching optimal performance levels in crushing and screening operations.

Electrification and digitalization transform the industry

Our customers are looking for solutions and technologies to get business advantage, more performance, cost reductions and the licence to operate. Sustainability, safety, automation and digitalisation are key aspects to consider when developing Tier-1 products and services for our customers.

The aggregates industry is committed to sustainability and continuously seeks out innovative ways to reduce the environmental footprint. We at Metso Outotec are dedicated to find new solutions and advanced technologies to reduce energy consumption and emissions even further. Since 1985 we have been developing our globally recognized Lokotrack mobile crushing and screening offering, which provides operational concept to drastically reduce the need to transport rock material and thus improves sustainability of customer operations and lowers operational costs. But this is not enough, and therefore we are investing on the electrification of our mobile products to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, but also on technologies to reduce dust and noise.

Switch to a higher gear – embracing the digital advantage
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Digitalization and automation are transforming the aggregates industry, and Metso Outotec is at the forefront of this development. Investments on our state-of-art compressive crushing technologies like HPs, GPs and C Jaws together with new automation features and digital tools allow for more precise and efficient control of crushing and screening processes. This leads to optimal performance, reduced energy consumption and minimized waste.

In addition, digitalization allows for better data tracking and analysis, which supports our customers to make more data-driven decisions while optimizing their operations. Metso Outotec recently renewed the innovative real-time remote monitoring solution called Metso Outotec Metrics. This solution brings significantly better connectivity and optimization benefits for customers’ crushing processes. In addition, the solution allows for example remote troubleshooting.  Overall, the integration of digitalization and automation into the aggregates production helps to improve sustainability and drive innovation. Our full digital offering includes intelligent crushing, processes and operations optimization and fleet management.

New electric Lokotrack range
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A look into the future

We have launched new crushers and mobile crushing and screening products to offer safe and easy-to-own solutions and more performance for our customers. These include, for example, the Lokotrack® e-Power range, providing diesel-electric solutions, new features in crusher control and automation that offer energy savings, performance and reliability and the new Lokotrack® UrbanTM technologies and solutions that reduce noise and dust emissions.

We continue to put efforts on providing our customers easy crushing and screening through safe and easy-to-own solutions that help achieve the best performance and the highest uptime. We continue to build on our leading expertise in compressive crushers, which typically play also key role in most of the mobile crushing and screening products. Parallel to those efforts we are on our way to make major R&D investments to develop totally new sustainable dual-power mobile crushing and screening range to serve customers' needs for decades to come.

Innovation is crucial for the sustainable future of aggregates operations, and Metso Outotec plays a key role in driving this change. By investing in research, technology and product development, we are helping to pave the way for a more sustainable future in the aggregates industry.