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Feb 21, 2024

Enriching modern day life with Metso’s Industrial filtration portfolio

While mining filtration focuses mainly on concentrates and tailings, industrial filtration extends its reach into diverse sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, industrial minerals, chemical processing, battery chemicals and more. It is the unsung hero behind the medicine in your cabinet, the plastic in your water bottle, the shiny print in your smart phone box, the special oil in your cosmetics and even the whiteness in your smile.
Metso industrial filtration

“Despite the occasional product synergies, mining filtration and industrial filtration are two completely separate product groups with a different customer base,” says Mika Vuorikari – Director, Industrial Filtration, Metso. “The industry trends also do not go hand in hand. Whether the mining industry is booming or declining, the industrial side is doing its own thing, and they do not run parallel.” 

By efficiently separating solids from liquids, Industrial Filtration transforms chemicals, biofuels, metals, and industrial minerals into the everyday products we rely on, thus contributing to a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable world. 

“The significance of industrial filtration in everyday life cannot be understated – it is everywhere,” says Vuorikari. “If you think about all the industries and applications like food, pharmaceuticals, pulp & paper, biofuels and bio-products, white minerals and so on, the additives in food processing, our food packing, our vitamins and antibiotics we consume, the luxury cosmetics and sun lotion, even the entire battery chemicals industry - Industrial filtration is everywhere around us and cannot be ignored in modern day to day life for every living being.” 

When the application and process are suitable for us, Metso can provide filtration technology to deliver superior process results. This article explores the vital role of industrial filtration, shedding light on how it quietly shapes our everyday lives, as well as highlights the value of Metso’s reputable portfolio and testing facilities within this sector. 

Proven legacy with global experts 

A strong legacy over a century in the making, combined with unmatched process knowledge and expertise, reinforces Metso’s position as a trusted leader in this field. Industrial filtration caters to industries outside of the core mining business, meaning the business is not susceptible to fluctuations within the mining market. Each different industry has a different customer base, as well as different dewatering processes compared to what we are used to in mining. Metso has perfected this niche and is ready to handle customer requirements. 

Our extensive portfolio is a result of strategic acquisitions, bringing together renowned brands such as Larox, Pannevis, Hoesch, Scheibler, and Svedala. With a comprehensive database encompassing over 14,000 tests on various applications, we possess a deep understanding and know-how of processes. 

Drawing from a global team of filtration experts with long-term experience, we integrate the latest process and technological innovations into our continuously evolving products. Manufacturing our filters in our own facilities in Finland, and China, we boast thousands of installations worldwide dedicated solely to the industrial filtration applications.  

We share the customer’s interest in reducing production costs by optimizing processes, enabling sites to reach their targets. Whether it's filter or process optimization, technical services, training, spare parts, or modernization needs, our professional and timely service ensures that customers receive comprehensive support tailored to their requirements. In the realm of industrial filtration, Metso is far from a newcomer, offering a proven history of reliability and a commitment to customer success. 

Metso Industrial Filtration portfolio
Metso Industrial Filtration portfolio

Trusted partner with superior products  

For industrial filtration, we concentrate on selected applications with pressure, vacuum and polishing filtration technologies. Thanks to our wide filtration portfolio, we can select the most suitable technology and filter type for the customer’s process. Our advantage is that we are not limited to one or two filter types, which is the case with many of our competitors. “Our pressure, vacuum and polishing filers are all designed for easy maintenance and consistent process results,” says Vuorikari. “They’re also safe and reliable due to being fully automatic, so this gives customers lower overall operating costs and a competitive total cost of ownership.” 

Regarding pressure filters, it is Metso's Larox® PF filters that are renowned worldwide for their reliability and efficiency, with over 1,300 installations globally. They excel across diverse applications in mining and industrial filtration. Starch, which is widely used in many different industries from food to construction, is a typical example. In the food industry starch is used as an additive for food processing. You have most probably eaten many different food products containing starch. Odds are that the starch used in production of your favorite potato chips is dewatered with our filter. In starch production Larox PF filters produce globally enough dry starch cake daily to fill ten Olympic-sized swimming pools. These filters not only enhance efficiency but also sustainability, with up to 90% less water usage and up to 42% decreased energy consumption per unit output. We provide a wide range of pressure filters where the pressing pressure varies from 8 up to 100 bars. The finer the particle size, the more difficult the slurry becomes to filter, and the more pressure is needed. Tube press filters, cater to niche industrial applications that require ultra-high pressure. This is due to their remarkable dewatering force of up to 100 bars. 

“The Tube press filter has the highest dewatering force on the market. If a customer is looking for a fully automated operation, superior cake washing and low moisture content with low energy consumption as well as an easily scalable filtration plant, we recommend our Tube press technology,” says Vuorikari. 

Industries like food and pharma set tight requirements for their filtration products. That is why, in addition to pressure filters, we also have vacuum belt filters which are fully compliant to the food and pharmaceutical standards. 

The Larox® RT-GT and Larox® RT filters stand out when it comes to solvent processing efficiency, as they use a multi-step processing approach in a single unit. A key advantage of these filters is their efficient multistage washing capacity and continuous operation, ensuring the customer enjoys exceptional availability at minimal operational costs. The Larox RT and Larox RT-GT filters are trusted solutions deployed in hundreds of diverse processes globally. In solvent-based processes, we offer the Larox RT-GT filter with a gas-tight chamber suitable for environments requiring explosion-proof (ATEX) compliance. 

Larox RT-GT filter
Larox RT-GT filter

Just like Larox PF, these automated filters ensure 100% cake discharge, reduction in wash liquid consumption by up to 30%, and energy savings up to 35%, compared to drum filters. Their enclosed design facilitates safe processing of solvent-based products, making them ideal for solvent-based applications. 

What if the customer is looking to separate the particles from the liquid and clean filtrate? Metso has solutions for that, too! Our portfolio of polishing filters, such as the Dual Media (DM), LSF, and Activated Carbon (AC) filters, play a crucial role in delivering pristine filtrates and electrolyte as they are the perfect fit for these applications. 

“When the end product is liquid, it’s important to have the clearest filtrate possible. This is where polishing filters come in,” says Vuorikari. “Rather than producing any dry cake, this technology is solely engineered to remove any organics or suspended solids.” 

Industrial filtration also seamlessly fits into different hydrometallurgical processes. Metso is the leading solvent extraction and electrowinning technology supplier with an extensive track record in building complete SX-EW plants. For example, the DM and AC filters – which come in 10 different sizes - can be seamlessly integrated into Metso’s SX- or electro winning- technology deliveries or provided as standalone solutions to engineering companies and end-users.  

“For optimal results, these filters can work in tandem to maximize filtration efficiency. Typically, these filters are used for base metals hydrometallurgy purification and for the battery metals and chemicals production processes” – Vuorikari. 

The power of precision with Metso process and testing capabilities 

In industrial filtration, the testing phase is typically more intensive and longer than it is with mining. This is because it is common for industrial filtration testing to involve not only site testing but, when needed, site piloting as well. During the pilot phase, the process is optimized to find the most efficient production performance. The duration of this pilot phase can vary significantly, ranging from weeks to several years. The process optimization often continues after the filter is installed and commissioned. One of our key strengths is our profound understanding of the entire process, enabling us to offer support during the initial capital investment phase and throughout the entire life cycle of the solution. Through numerous experiences, we've learned that meticulous process optimization not only leads to decreased production costs over the long run, but also results in increased productivity trends. 

In the heart of Lappeenranta, Finland, lies Metso's groundbreaking Dewatering Technology Center (DTC), a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and research. Established in 2015, this world-class facility stands as a beacon of filtration progress. As a hub for cutting-edge research and development, the DTC uses state-of-the-art equipment and a database with over 14,000 test cases. This extensive database allows Metso to assess the suitability of various filter types for specific applications, we are ready to tailor process performance guarantee after testing for our customers. We share the customer’s interest in reducing production costs and support our customers by optimizing the process to reach that target. 

“What really puts us on a different level is our global testing capabilities and our Dewatering Technology Centre in Lappeenranta, where we can test individual equipment or process islands from bench scale up to pilot scale,” says Vuorikari. “We can test all filtration technologies, whether it’s pressure, vacuum or polishing and we have a variety of different test data that we can use for the customer’s benefit.” 

Dewatering Technology Centre in Lappeenranta
Dewatering Technology Centre in Lappeenranta

Sustainable productivity 

In the industrial filtration landscape, Metso's legacy ensures reliability, energy efficiency and customer success. With over 5,000 global references and the vast resources of DTC at our disposal, we are well prepared to offer solutions that precisely match your unique process and operational requirements. 

“All industrial filters are a part of our Planet Positive offering, so we help the customer reduce energy and used water,” says Vuorikari.  

As we revel in the comforts of modern life, it's essential to recognize the silent hero working behind the scenes – industrial filtration. Through innovation, research, and a commitment to customer service, Metso continues to drive progress and sustainability across this sector. Customers are able to improve their profitability, safety and sustainability, all whilst lowering their operating costs and risks. That’s why, together, we are the partner for positive change.   

All industrial filters are a part of our Planet Positive offering, so we help the customer reduce energy and used water.
Mika Vuorikari – Director, Industrial Filtration, Metso
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