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Feb 12, 2019

Tapping into the huge business potential of manufactured sand with new operations

India is currently one of the world’s biggest consumers of aggregates, as the country is investing a lot in big infrastructure projects. Mumbai based KTN is one of the aggregates producers that is growing along with the increasing demand for manufactured sand. The demand is stemming from the rapid increase in construction work taking place in and around Mumbai, the capital of the state of Maharashtra and the economic capital of India. KTN management’s vision was to have a plant that not only could feed their own project but could also generate a surplus to sell. The result: 35-40% is now produced for their own consumption and the rest is supplied to their customers.

KTN is a new company in the industry, but the partners associated with it have a rich background in the construction industry and have been involved in numerous projects. However, their decision to integrate vertically and enter the crushing and screening business proved fruitful, as the results were far better than expected.

The equipment and services offered to KTN prompted them to invest more in this business, and the company aims to have more crushing and screening plants of their own in the future. Getting the desired quality and quantity of production from the equipment and services that have exceeded expectations has enabled Mr. Vishal Joshi, Owner, KTN Infra., to envision a goal of soon owning more plants comprised of Metso equipment only. “Honestly, I am young and new to this industry, but working here for some time now I think I have some sort of passion and ambition for this industry. I have a dream to have five crusher plants of my own and I hope that all of them are from Metso,” divulges Mr. Joshi.

He added, “I have read the tag line that comes with your brand – ‘Expect results’ – and I can honestly say that I have experienced it: Metso does deliver results and I am very happy about it.”

Meeting internal demand while generating a surplus to sell

Realizing the fact that having their own crushing and screening plant would be beneficial for business, KTN started looking for options that would suit their requirements and help the profitability of their business model as well.

The demand arising from the rapid increase in construction work happening in and around Mumbai fueled the need to have a plant that could not only feed their own project, but could also generate a surplus to sell in the open market. The demand for manufactured sand was also growing by the day, as the government of Maharashtra banned the extraction of river sand, making manufactured sand the best and the most feasible alternative in the industry.

Foreseeing the huge demand in the industry, Mr. Joshi envisioned the huge business potential and thus opted to buy land and put up their own crushing and screening plant from Metso. Mr. Vishal shared, “We were already into the supply side, so we planned to integrate vertically and have our own production so that we can better meet our customer requirements.

“After purchasing the land, it was crucial to choose the right plant for our requirements. While finalizing the crusher plant plans, we were thinking about a company that could give us not just the quality but also the required quantity, as our material requirement is huge. We had the clear notion that we wanted a reliable and committed partner with a good and proven track record. After evaluating many options, we selected the best alternative: we decided to go with Metso’s crushing & screening plant. Right now, we are producing 10 mm, 20 mm and crushed stone sand from the plant; 35-40% of the sand is for our own consumption and the rest is supplied to our customers, mainly corporate.”

40% sand and 1300 tonnes per day of production

After understanding the customer’s requirements, the main aim was to design and supply a three-stage crushing & screening plant that could handle the varied requirements of the customer, which were unique and changed with the market demand.

The equipment supplied included a Nordberg® C106™ jaw crusher, Nordberg® GP220™ cone crusher, Barmac® B7150SE VSI (vertical shaft impactor), Premier CVB™ inclined screen and TS™3.3 multi-slope screen to cater to their specific requirement of manufactured sand.

Mr. Sanjeev Raina, Deputy General Manager, Projects, Metso India, shared, “After receiving the order, the bigger challenge was the timely delivery and commissioning of the project. Metso’s project team took on the challenge to meet the customer’s requirements, and the team designed and supplied the plant in record time. The even more commendable part was that the plant was commissioned and a load trial was done in one go, which brought the customer great satisfaction.” He added, “Currently, the per-day production average for an 8-hour work day schedule is 1,300 tonnes, 40% of which is sand.”

Equipment performance & services by Metso – the game changers

Delivering the plant and commissioning it in the given time frame was not the only important factor. The key to a happy customer is delivering results and matching customer expectations – and that is only possible when the quantity and quality of production is constant.

I have a dream to have five crusher plants of my own and I hope that all of them are from Metso.

Not only was KTN’s plant delivered and commissioned in record time, the services offered were commendable and much appreciated. Mr. Joshi shared, “Honestly, my experience has been fantastic right from the delivery of the plant to the commissioning. It has been very good every step of the way. Even the services offered so far, be it by the installations team, the commissioning team or the services team, have all been exceptional.”

He added, “The plant is in its early stages and the quantity is picking up gradually, but the quality has been good; I’m very happy with it. We have around 35 or 40% of our own consumption; other than that, we supply to cooperates like L&T, IRB, UltraTech, RMC India, who are mainly the big concrete players in Mumbai, and we also supply to a few developers, like Oberoi, and none have ever raised an issue regarding the material delivered to them. As far as my current production is concerned, 40% of the total production is manufactured sand, 30% is 0 to -10 mm, 30% is 0 to -20 mm. For the perfect shape and size, we installed a Barmac VSI; as far as I have seen, this is the best-in-class equipment, compared to all the other VSI’s that are available this is the market.”

Metso has gained customer confidence with world-class solutions and by building trust over the years with its knowledge, enabling customers to vouch for Metso’s trusted solutions.

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