Metso Metals refining Solutions for Metals refining Direct and smelting reduction
Enable the use of lower-grade ores while minimizing lifetime operating costs and emissions with our direct smelting technologies. Metso Direct Reduction technologies are based on 50 years of experience in delivering solutions for customers in the ferrous direct reduction sector, encompassing the full range of plant types, and have been developed through extensive research and testing with a wide range of raw materials and process parameters.
Direct reduction offering

Our direct and smelting reduction offering covers:

  • Design, engineering, delivery, and services for traditional SL/RN direct reduction plants based on a rotary kiln, with non-coking coal as the reductant and fuel.
  • Design, engineering, delivery, and services for SL/ RN-Xtra plants, which use a combination of a pre-hardening grate and traditional SL/RN kiln for the treatment of iron ore fines.
  • Hydrogen-based Circored fine ore reduction plants with both circulating (CFB) and bubbling (BFB) fluidized bed reactors.
  • Services for our shaft-furnace direct reduction plants built by Outotec based on a Midrex® license.
Direct reduction flowsheet
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Metals refining
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Metals refining


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