Metso Full portfolio OKTOP® Autoclave
Maximize availability while reducing operating and maintenance costs. The Metso OKTOP® Autoclave offers proven reliability, delivers optimal metal recovery performance, and is backed by a strong proprietary equipment portfolio for complete plant unit deliveries. We use our own testing facilities with pilot autoclave for project development and a wide range of testing.
  • Leverages Metso's process know-how and a holistic view of the wider process    
  • Includes detailed material selection and testing capabilities    
  • Optimizes performance with Metso OKTOP® Agitator for autoclaves    
  • Includes process guarantees, depending on case
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The process solution is fed into the autoclave with pressurizing pumps. The feed is ideally stabilized utilizing an Metso OKTOP® Feed Tank. The agitators inside the autoclave must have good solid suspension properties due to the incoming solution's large number of solid particles.

The pressure and temperature in the autoclave can be up to 60 bar and 280°C, depending on the process requirements. The autoclave is divided into compartments to achieve optimal residence time distribution and agitation form for the solution flowing through. Depending on the case, gas may be fed to the compartments. The autoclave may be heated with direct steam of heating baffles, if required.

OKTOP Autoclave

Autoclave dimensioning is based on the process requirements. The internal components such as the lining, compartment walls, and dip tubes, are used for high uptime and durability, as well as safe maintenance procedures. The modular design principle allows for flexible implementation and enables the use of productized components the help avoid issues with one-off designs.

Productized quality documentation and procedures meet the required standards and ensure a high-quality delivery with statutory and legal compliance. Suppliers are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality.

OKTOP Autoclave Agitator

We offer tailored agitators to meet the process requirements in different pressure operations. The designs take into consideration common problems seen in the agitation of autoclaves, such as high wear and scaling. Critical components such as sealing have been selected and customized to optimize operation, availability, and the maintenance process in the plant.

The most commonly used agitator model for autoclave agitation is the Metso OKTOP 2200, a high-efficiency dispersion agitator with great solid suspension properties.

Ensuring quality in pressure unit deliveries

Vigorous quality programs are applied to all OKTOP® pressure unit deliveries. The quality assurance starts from the productization phase. Extensive finite element calculations are made during the development phase, including fatigue and modal analysis. The autoclave is seen as a complete unit, which minimizes the risk of joining different components together and enables analysis calculations that take the whole installation into consideration.

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