Metso Full portfolio OKTOP® Agitators
The Metso OKTOP® Agitators are utilized in atmospheric reactors and autoclaves. Our comprehensive range of agitators is carefully designed for demanding mining, minerals processing and hydrometallurgy duties.
  • Process knowhow based agitator selection and specification
  • Deep knowledge on agitational phenomena to provide efficient operation
  • State of the art mechanical design in-house fabrication to provide reliability, safety and quality
  • Novel methods for agitator control
OKTOP agitators
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The Metso OKTOP® Agitators enable reliable and efficient operation in demanding mining, minerals processing and metallurgy applications. Agitators are used in various mixing, solids suspension and gas dispersion duties and are used in both in atmospheric reactors and autoclaves. References range from Conditioners and filter feed tanks to CIL, CIP, BIOX, strong acid leach and precipitation reactors. Currently Metso agitators have over 600 references around the globe in very diverse applications.

The agitator design and selection is based on our long history of operation on plants and wide range of research in the Metso research center in Pori, Finland. In Pori we can perform process kinetics, solids suspension, gas dispersion and materials testing for the agitators. We have readily available very experienced CFD experts and CFD is used extensively in product development.

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The new SandSense measurement probe has enabled us to measure solids suspension performance of agitators in industry scale equipment with full visibility on the level of solids suspension. Largest diameter of agitator that has been tested with SandSense had diameter of 5600 mm.

For all OKTOP® agitators mechanical design and manufacturing is made by Metso to ensure high quality of the equipment. Metso has vast knowledge of material durability in various hostile environments, taking in consideration corrosion and abrasion. Productized quality assurance procedures are utilized and Metso has history also in using demanding materials often utilized in hydrometallurgy, such as duplex steels, titanium and others.

Agitator models for atmospheric duties

OKTOP 2000

  • Gas-liquid-solid
  • Excellent functioning in three phase gas, liquid-slid systems

OKTOP 2100

  • Gas-liquid-solid
  • Advanced structure from 2000
  • Higher gas utilization compared to 2000

OKTOP 2200

  • Gas-liquid
  • Very high gas dispersion rate

OKTOP 3003

  • Low Shear
  • Agitator with light turbulence generation

OKTOP 3103

  • 3003 with improved construction and fatigue resistance

OKTOP 3005

  • Low shear
  • Agitator with moderate turbulence generation

OKTOP 3105

  • 3005 with improved construction and fatigue resistance

OKTOP 3200

  • Highly efficient hydrofoil
  • For mixing, solids suspension and light dispersion duties

OKTOP 3300

  • 3200 with improved construction and fatigue resistance

OKTOP 4000

  • Helical design
  • For uniform and non abrasive mixing

Agitator models for autoclaves

  • OKTOP 2100
  • OKTOP 2200
  • OKTOP 3105

OKTOP® Agitators for autoclaves can be delivered with full equipment kit including impeller(s), slinger plate, shaft, mechanical seal and flange the seal water system.

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