Metso Full portfolio OKTOP® CIL Reactor

OKTOP® CIL Reactor

Engineered for Gold

Backed by in-depth process know-how and extensive installed base, Metso OKTOP® CIL Reactor combine a highly productized design, advanced modularity, and digital features to provide optimal gold processing results.
Advanced modularity

Highly productized & modularized reactors for complete CIL leaching plant unit design

Smart technology

Unique patented FlowBottom & SandSense™ to optimize agitation and minimize related Au losses & energy consumption

Maximum performance

Guaranteed maintainability aligned with automation controls that allow safe & efficient operation

Integrated package

Standardized & proven functional OKTOP® CIL Reactor from one responsible supplier

Key challenges in gold cyanide leaching

CIL and CIP processes utilize activated carbon to adsorb solubilized gold for recovery. Due to carbon attrition and non-ideal carbon management, however, some of the gold is lost in carbon fines and to the solution. The cyanide leaching of Au and dissolved Au recovery to activated carbon are the key process steps in gold mine operations to produce gold doré bars.

Introducing OKTOP® CIL Reactor

OKTOP® CIL reactors are specially design and optimized application specific products for the gold cyanide leaching and recovery and are suitable for both CIL and CIP process applications. With more than 1000 OKTOP® reactors installed in various mining and metallurgical duties, OKTOP® CIL reactors are based on Metso OKTOP® reactor well proven technology, product design, and process expertise.

In addition to core proprietary CIL reactor offerings Metso extensive offerings complete the overall cyanide leaching plant solution package e.g. with carbon transfer pumps, elution and gold room offerings and digital features for process control and optimization.  


OKTOP® CIL Reactor comprehensive scope of supply

Metso Ouotec proprietary technology combines with Plant Unit core engineering support and related key components

OKTOP® CIL Reactor

Key CIL Reactor auxiliary equipment

Digital solutions


OKTOP® Agitator system

OKTOP® Tank Unit

OKTOP® FlowBottom

OKTOP® SandSense

OKTOP® Y-Launder + Feedbox

Agitator and tank-top CIL EQ support + walking platform

OKTOP® CIL Reactor plant unit core engineering package

Metso Sala Carbon transfer pumps

Metso LH series vibrating screens

Metso samplers

Interstage screens (partnered item)





OKTOP® CIL optimizer

Advanced process control based on CarbonSense™, FlowBottom and SandSense™

CIL - Geminex™ OTS (operator training simulator)





Spare parts & spare parts management

Equipment inspections & maintenance

Process assessment

Process control analysis

Plant assessment

Upgrades & modernizations

OKTOP® agitator system upgrades with FlowBottom and SandSense

Shutdown maintenance services



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Metso OKTOP® CIL Reactor

Sustainable gold processing to help our planet

Metso OKTOP® CIL reactors are part of the Planet Positive product portfolio. OKTOP® application specific reactor and agitator design combined with unique FlowBottom and SandSense features and core engineering package around the CIL/CIP reactor circuit provides the most sustainable cyanide leaching solution with minimized activated carbon fines related Au losses and energy consumption in the market. 

  • Easy maintenance and operation with state-of-the-art safety features
  • Compared to industrial standard solutions, OKTOP® CIL reactor agitation-related electric energy savings range from 30% to 50%
  • Reduction of gold losses caused by activated carbon breakage by 30-50% compared to industrial benchmarks in CIL reactors
  • Reduced activated carbon loss in CIL reactors by 30-50% compared to industrial benchmarks
  • The OKTOP® CIL circuit complies with the cyanide code

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