Metso Mining Pyro processing Heating, drying and cooling

Heating, drying and cooling in mining

Proven experience to guarantee unmatched performance

Metso offers equipment, services and parts for mining industry's heating, drying and cooling needs. Our solutions are in use in countless operations around the world.


Over 1500 rotary dryers and 1700 Holo-Flite systems installed globally.

Diverse applications

400+ materials processed.

Practical knowledge

More than 100 years of experience in minerals processing.

Global coverage, local presence

Pyro processing engineers, service personnel and other experts around the world.

Effective heating, drying and cooling solutions for the mining industry

Having worked decades with a broad array of effective direct and indirect heating, drying and cooling equipment, Metso has the technical expertise to serve many needs.

With numerous installations offering excellent reliability, our solutions are in use in countless mining operations and specialty applications around the world.

Metso’s combination of heating, drying and cooling solutions help improve processing applications across a wide range of traditional and non-traditional feed stocks such as coal, limestone, copper, iron ore, fertilizers, clays, wood fibers, polymers, waste sludge, precious metals, specialty chemicals, and consumer products.

Parts and services for heating, drying and cooling

See how others have improved profitability and reduced risk!


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