Metso Full portfolio Bellow design for filtrate collectors
Rubber bellows increase protection against corrosion and wear by keeping the process slurry and liquids away from the filter structures. By preventing impurities from entering the filtrate line process, you can also improve end-product quality.

Upgrades that improve performance to help you reach your sustainability targets

Improved safety


Prevents spillages from collectors

Lower operating costs


Increased protection against corrosion and wear

Increased efficiency


Rubber bellows require lower maintenance 

  • Improves safety by preventing spillages from collectors
  • Decreases operating costs by increasing protection against corrosion and wear
  • Improves equipment efficiency with lower maintenance needs
  • Old collectors with open structures are removed and replaced by new collectors with rubber bellows
  • The rubber bellows collectors improve the overall tightness of the filter in order to help prevent spillages
  • The upgrade keeps the process slurries and liquids away from the filter structures to protect against corrosion and wear
  • Metso's bellow design for filtrate collectors can be used with most Metso PF filters without the need for additional engineering

The upgrade includes:

  • Bellows collectors for plates, including supports, collectors, and seals
  • Optional spare parts kit with bellows collectors
  • Installation service
  • Updated documentation
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